Macworld’s March digital magazine: We review the iMac Pro

Macworld's latest digital magazine. 2 days ago

Twitter is working to steal one of Snapchat’s best features

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Apple Adds New 'Families' Section to its Website With Tips for Parents

In the wake of urging from investors to do more about smartphone addiction among children, Apple has added a new "Families" section to its website that outlines parental control tools and information that parents should be aware of. The... 2 days ago

6 awesome videos show off iMac Pro’s impressive power

Apple asked six filmmakers to create short videos that highlight the cababilities of the recently-released iMac Pro. The results debuted today: trippy, abstract films that are mesmerizing to watch. 2 days ago

HeartMonitor Apple Watch app lets you continuously track heart rate without workouts

Developer Zach Simone has today unveiled a new 2 days ago

eGPU progress report: macOS 10.13.4 beta 5 continues the trend of added polish and stability

As Apple gets closer to its self-imposed spring 2018 deadline for officially adding external GPU support to macOS, each beta seems to increase the stability of external GPU connections. We recently put the fifth and latest version of the 2 days ago

Logitech’s new G560 gaming speakers bring RGB immersion to your desktop

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iMessage: 5 changes we'd like to see in iOS 12

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Nest Now Shipping 'Hello' Smart Doorbell With Night-Vision Camera and Two-Way Audio

Nest has begun shipping the Hello, a smart doorbell that's capable of streaming 160 degree HD live video from your door directly to your phone. First announced back in September, the $229 doorbell device can take a photo of a person... 2 days ago

Have fun: No one has to use iOS

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