Making The Grade: Passive notifications on Apple Watch make it ideal for teachers

was announced at Apple’s annual iPhone event, and it looks like a promising upgrade for Series 3 owners (and especially Series 0,1, and 2 owners). With the ability to detect 2 days ago

Score two years of VPN protection and Mac utilities [Deals]

There’s plenty of reason to be concerned about your computer’s security and health. Data and identity theft is real and rampant, so virtual private network (VPN) protection is a must. But your machine can become a threat to itself with age, making diagnostic tools essential as well. 2 days ago

Twitter says it’s possible some private DMs were sent to the wrong people

Twitter disclosed this week that a bug in its “Account Activity API” may have been at fault for sending some people’s direct messages to Twitter developers. As noted by 2 days ago

Report details Apple’s aversion to adult language, violence and nudity in original TV content efforts

As Apple’s original content powers up, we have heard rumblings of the types of shows Apple is looking for. Apple is seemingly looking for television that reflects its brand, eschewing darker themes and adult content that is common to high-profile TV dramas like Game of Thrones. 2 days ago

Apple prepares back-up plans for UK staff in case Battersea development plans are delayed

Back in 2016, 2 days ago