Judge rules law enforcement can’t force suspects to unlock their iPhone with Face ID or Touch ID

Several months ago, we

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Report: Apple developing new iPod touch, 2019 iPhones could switch to USB-C

According to a new report from supply chain blog

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What type of pro monitor would you like to see from Apple this year? [Poll]

2018 saw Apple finally update the computer some multi-display desktop fans have long been holding their breath for: Mac mini. As 2019 begins, the professional market is looking towards a massive refresh of the Mac Pro and native display offerings from Apple.

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Apple replaced 11 million iPhone batteries in 2018, up from its usual of 1-2 million

Following Apple’s revision to its Q1 2019 earnings, it was

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Fiio M7 digital audio player review: aptX HD and LDAC support for streaming high-res audio over Bluetooth

This entry-level player delivers wireless high-resolution audio in a pocket-sized package for the audiophile on the go, but it's dearth of features might be too bare bones for some.

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HDHomeRun teases simpler hardware and (maybe) a Roku app

The HDHomeRun Scribe Duo and Servio can record broadcast TV channels without a separate server device.

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So long, iPhone: Relegating Apple’s hits to history

Apple’s line of Mac products was one trick and the so-called i-Series was third second. A third trick? No way. But The Macalope disagrees.

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German court dismisses Qualcomm’s second ‘nuisance lawsuit’ against Apple

Buoyed by its victory in an earlier injunction against iPhone sales in Germany,

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DJ Charlie Sloth will bring fire to the booth on Beats 1

Former BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra DJ Charlie Sloth has officially joined Apple.

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Apple Pay solves decades-old problem for online share trading by individuals

has provided a solution to a problem that has beset online share trading for individuals: how to quickly and safely transfer money to their broker.

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