How Deep Learning Can Keep You Safe with Real-Time Crime Alerts

Citizen scans thousands of public first responder radio frequencies 24 hours a day in major cities across the US. The collected information is used to provide real-time safety alerts about incidents… 23 hours ago

5 tips for pandas users

A popular Python library used by those working with data is pandas, an easy and flexible data manipulation and analysis library. There are a myriad of awesome methods and functions in pandas, some of… 14 hours ago

Sentiment Analysis of LinkedIn Messages

If you are a LinkedIn user, have you ever wondered about the segments of people in your network? If you are working to expand your connections in the data science world, do most of the people in your… 22 hours ago

The Chi-Squared Test Statistic is a Must For Every Data Scientist: A Case Study in Customer Churn

The chi-square statistic is a useful tool for understanding the relationship between two categorical variables. For the sake of example, let’s say you work for a tech company that has rolled out a… 17 hours ago

Why You Should Never, Ever print() in a Lambda Function

How to spot an AWS Lambda novice, just like *that*. “Why You Should Never, Ever print() in a Lambda Function” is published by Paul Singman in Towards Data Science.

No-code AI for pediatric pneumonia detection

No-code AI for pediatric pneumonia detection. Use chest X-rays images to create and publicly deploy a 98% accurate image classification model.. 22 hours ago

Realtime Multiple Person 2D Pose Estimation using TensorFlow2.x

As described by Zhe Cao in his 2017 Paper, Realtime multi-person 2D pose estimation is crucial in enabling machines to understand people in images and videos. As the name suggests, it is a technique… 22 hours ago

How Linear Mixed Model Works

This is the seventeenth article from my column Mathematical Statistics and Machine Learning for Life Sciences where I try to explain some mysterious analytical techniques used in Bioinformatics and… 21 hours ago

Text Data Analysis and Manipulation with Pandas

Companies all over the world in the field of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are preparing their mind in the field of text or language processing models. AI is improving the processes… 23 hours ago

Beyond Ordinary PCA: Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis

TL;DR: PCA cannot handle categorical variables because it makes linear assumptions about them. Nonlinear PCA addresses this issue by warping the feature space to optimize explained variance. (Key… 22 hours ago