The Slowest Modern Programming Languages

Programming languages have been out there for decades. Each language is built to satisfy a certain need. As of today, the world counts about 700 notable programming languages. While about 250 managed… 19 hours ago

Anomaly Detection with Extreme Value Analysis

Extreme Value Analysis (EVA) is a statistical methodology that is used primarily to estimate the probability of events that are rarest compared to any previously observed. The fields of application… 19 hours ago

The ML trap

The field of machine learning is so broad and vast it’s easy to get lost in it. I spent my first few months in machine learning splashing around in the shallow end of the pool, not even realizing I… 19 hours ago

Create and Deploy a Simple Web Application with Flask and Heroku

Say you’ve written a really cool script in Python to do some interesting data analysis and now you want to demonstrate it to others. Chances are, sending over a .py file and asking others to run it… 13 hours ago

Which Data-Science Skills Are the Most Vital in 2021?

With a field as radically changing with constant progression like data science, it is easy to see why sometimes the most in-demand tools for any given moment in time might be quite difficult to… 16 hours ago

How AI Can Transform You Into a Master Storyteller

In 2012, Disney invested $350 million in a movie that seemed to have all the elements of a box office success. It was action-packed and had stunning visual effects. It was helmed by a star writer and… 19 hours ago

A Type of Data That Companies Need to Collect Today

In the era of digital transformation, companies are collecting almost every type of data. Sensors, financial, and logistic data are just a few examples. However, at least one important type of data… 21 hours ago

Install TensorFlow with CUDA, cuDNN, and GPU support in 4 Easy Steps

In this post, we will walk through a few simple steps to setting up TensorFlow 2.4 (the latest major version) with GPU acceleration enabled on a cloud VM running Debian or Ubuntu. Tested with NVIDIA… 19 hours ago

Extracting information from XML files into a Pandas dataframe

Real-world data is messy, and we know it. Not only does such data require a lot of cleaning, a lot of times, the format in which we receive data is also not suited for analysis. This means that…

Facebook DeIt: A promising new technique for image classification

A few weeks ago, Facebook released a new ML model (Data-Efficient Image Transformer, DeIt) that achieves state-of-art image classification performance using only the ImageNet dataset (1.2 million… 19 hours ago