PyCaret 2.2 is here — What’s new?

PyCaret is an open-source, low-code machine learning library in Python that automates machine learning workflows. It is an end-to-end machine learning and model management tool that speeds up the… 15 hours ago

Everything you need to Learn Python from Zero to Hero

In this era where programming skills are highly profitable and beneficial, everyone’s making use of the myriads of resources on the internet to learn about programming. Not only can you develop… 22 hours ago

Understanding the Central Limit Theorem

The central limit theorem (CLT) is a popular concept in statistics. I believe most (aspiring) data scientists have heard about it in some sort of form, or at least what the theorem is all about on a… 21 hours ago

Train Conversational AI in 3 lines of code with NeMo and Lightning

NeMo (Neural Modules) is a powerful framework from NVIDIA, built for easy training, building and manipulating of state-of-the-art conversational AI models. NeMo models can be trained on multi-GPU and… 14 hours ago

Effective altruism, AI safety, and learning human preferences from the state of the world

Editor’s note: This episode is part of our podcast series on emerging problems in data science and machine learning, hosted by Jeremie Harris. Apart from hosting the podcast, Jeremie helps run a data… 22 hours ago

Pandas Groupby vs SQL Group By

Grouping is highly important in exploring a dataset. I explained how you can do the same operations using Pandas Groupby or SQL Group By. 23 hours ago

JAX: Differentiable Computing by Google

Since deep learning took off in the early 2010s, many frameworks were written to facilitate deep learning in both research and production. For the record, let us mention Caffe, Theano, Torch… 16 hours ago

Why it’s Super Hard to be an ML Researcher or Developer?

According to the stats, currently, 33,000 ML Research papers are being published per year. That means, around 90+ papers per day! And almost every single paper introduces something new, without any…

medium.com_towards-ai 16 hours ago

Understand Loops in Python with One Article

Being able to delegate the automation of routinary tasks to computers is an invaluable skill which every programmer should master in order to improve their coding skills and code accuracy. The number… 13 hours ago

Isolation Forest: A Tree-based Algorithm for Anomaly Detection

This is the 10th in a series of small, bite-sized articles I am writing about algorithms that are commonly used in anomaly detection (I’ll put links to all other articles towards the end). In today’s… 23 hours ago