Def Leppard’s entire collection is now on Apple Music

Get ready to pour some Def Leppard into your Apple Music playlists. 23 hours ago

How to add sketches and diagrams to emails in iOS 11

If you’re explaining something to another human in person, you’ll often reach for a pencil and paper to make it easier. Perhaps you’re drawing a map, or a quick diagram of that chest of drawers you think would look great in the guest room. 23 hours ago

Apple Hires a Few Dozen Employees From Silicon Valley Data Science Startup

Apple has hired several data scientists from Silicon Valley Data Science, a consulting firm that offers data engineering and data science services, reports Bloomberg. A few dozen employees from Silicon Valley Data Science joined Apple in... 22 hours ago

iOS 11 adoption surpasses the last three versions of Android (since 2015) combined

Apple has shared updated metrics on iOS 11 adoption today. The latest data says that the installed iOS 11 user base is more than double that of iOS 10 and that only 7% of users are running iOS 9 or earlier. 22 hours ago

Apple Says iOS 11 is Now Installed on 65% of Devices

iOS 11 is now installed on 65 percent of iOS devices, according to new statistics Apple shared yesterday on its App Store support page for developers. That's up six percentage points since December 5, when iOS 11 was installed on 59 percent... 22 hours ago

Alexa voice commands are finally coming to the Android Alexa app

Support for iOS is also expected to come 'soon' after, although there's no clear indication as to when that will be. 21 hours ago

The Atlas is the perfect holdall for office weaklings who dream of joining a gym

WaterField, maker of some of our favorite bags here at 21 hours ago

Hands-on: ‘Flir One Pro’ turns your iPhone into a thermal imaging camera that’s helpful for homeowners [Video]

The human eye is amazing, but it’s limited as to what it can see. That’s where imaging tools like thermal cameras can come in handy, allowing you to see and diagnose problems that are normally invisible to the eye. This thermal, or infrared energy, is present in all matter, but because its wavelength is beyond the scope of what the human eye can discern, it’s 21 hours ago

How to use AirPods with Apple TV

Apple's wireless headphones make it easy to enjoy a little private TV time. 20 hours ago

HomePod launch appears imminent as smart speaker receives FCC approval

It looks like Apple’s HomePod launch is closer than ever as the smart speaker has now received FCC approval. 20 hours ago