Mathematical Prerequisites For Understanding Autoencoders and Variational Autoencoders (VAEs): Beginner Friendly…

A few days ago, my brother walks in my room and sees me writing code and studying a math tutorial, with a puzzled expression he asks, Are you studying maths now or building AI models, which? With a…

IpyLeaflet: Interactive mapping in Jupyter notebook

Interactive maps are an essential part of Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). In this tutorial, we introduce to you IpyLeaflet Python library, which enables interactive geospatial data visualization in… 13 hours ago

Python: Monte Carlo meets Sports Analytics

About a month or so ago, while juggling my final semester of grad school and a job hunt, I interviewed with a sports analytics company. My background is in business analytics, specifically using NLP… 10 hours ago

Decision Trees Explained With a Practical Example

A decision tree is one of the supervised machine learning algorithms, this algorithm can be used for regression and classification problems — yet, is mostly used for classification problems. A…

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Quickly label data in Jupyter Lab

Asking a random person what a Data Scientist does, he or she might answer that a Data Scientist provides data-driven solutions using state-of-the-art algorithms. If that random person happens to be… 13 hours ago

Everything you need to know about Min-Max normalization: A Python tutorial

This is my second post about the normalization techniques that are often used prior to machine learning (ML) model fitting. In my first post, I covered the Standardization technique using… 13 hours ago

Kannada MNIST Classification using Monk

Kannada is the second oldest of the four major(out of more than 70) Dravidian language spoken predominantly by people of Karnataka in Southwestern India and by linguistic minorities in the states…

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Hedge Fund Replication ETF Strategy

Investors of hedge funds may be generally concerned by lower liquidity, higher use of leverage, and higher fees than in traditional asset management. With the use of sector ETFs, I aim to mimic hedge… 12 hours ago

Analyzing Political Polarization: Topic Centrality

Alex Pentland, director of MIT’s Connection Science initiative and former director of the MIT Media Lab, argues that information flows across networks in a way very similar to the flu. Those who… 12 hours ago

How Different Metrics Correlate with Winning in the NBA over 30 Years

Which metrics lead to the winningest NBA basketball teams? How has a metric’s correlation to winning changed over the last 30 years? The game has changed tremendously over the past decades and even… 23 hours ago