Google, Qualcomm and others cease partnerships with Huawei

Google has suspended its business with Huawei and revoked its Android license following a U.S. crackdown on Chinese technology companies. 23 hours ago

Apple partners with photographer Christopher Anderson to teach portrait photography skills

A new collaboration between Apple and celebrated photographer Christopher Anderson aims to change the way you think about photography. Beginning soon, Apple Stores will offer a new 23 hours ago

Poll: Is the permanent social Internet dying? Should it?

staff writer Mike Isaac has written 23 hours ago

CleanMyMac X 4.4.1 review: Some handy tools but its malware dictation still falls short

Mac utility that frees up storage space and gets rid of software crud, but its malware detection still needs work. 23 hours ago

HBSC thinks tariffs could increase iPhone prices by $160

HSBC has cut its price target on Apple based on concerns about the company’s uncertain future in China. 22 hours ago

Nintendo kicks off first Mario Kart Tour beta test

Nintendo has finally kicked off its first 22 hours ago

US no longer leads the global smart speaker market; HomePod falls into ‘other’

Right up until the end of last year, the US led the global smart speaker market, accounting for more sales than any other country in the world – and even outselling all other countries combined with the exception of China. 22 hours ago

Lutron announces new Aurora dimmer designed to integrate with existing Philips Hue setups

The lighting experts at Lutron have announced a useful new accessory for Philips Hue smart light users — solving a common problem for Hue customers. Lutron has unveiled its new Aurora dimmer, designed to integrate with existing Philips Hue lights, with Lutron joining the “Friends of Hue” program. 22 hours ago

The Lutron Aurora handily solves the smart bulb, dumb switch predicament

This battery-powered dimmer retrofits toggle switches controlling Philips Hue and other Zigbee smart bulbs, so they can’t be turned off by accident. 21 hours ago

Apple Watch replacement constraint means some Series 3 repairs will get Series 4 upgrade

Apple appears to be running low on inventory for Apple Watch Series 3 repairs as the company informed store staff today that it will substitute some Series 3 repairs with the newer 21 hours ago