Twitter rolling out support for two-factor authentication without a phone number

At long last, Twitter is finally rolling out support for two-factor authentication without requiring a phone number. Twitter said it was “working on improving” its reliance on phone numbers back in September, and now the improved two-factor authentication options are 21 hours ago

Bloomberg: AirPods shipments to double to 60M in 2019, AirPods Pro more popular than expected

According to a new report from 20 hours ago

Sticker-Eye Wire-Free AI Smart Home Camera review: Wire free, subscription free, and hassle free

Sticker Eye eliminates many of the bothersome aspects of camera ownership without sacrificing the security. 12 hours ago

Luke Roberts Model F Smart Pendant Lamp review: A pricey, high-end smart light with a bevy of configuration options

It’s Bluetooth-only, however, so you can’t integrate it into the rest of your smart home. 12 hours ago

How to disable accounts on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch you sold or gave away

Sometimes a “dead” device has some life left in it. 12 hours ago

iPhone 11 vs Android’s best: An underdog does just enough to take down the champ

Apple pulled out all the stops with the iPhone 11, cutting the price and adding a second camera, but a small company that most people have never heard of is the 2019 champion. 12 hours ago

Software bugs have become Apple’s greatest vulnerability

Signs point to Apple changing its development practices to combat software bugginess, but Dan Moren thinks there’s a lot more the company could be doing. 11 hours ago

PSA: Apple TV+ rolls out new episodes of See , The Morning Show , and For All Mankind

Apple has released new episodes of its three flagship Apple Originals TV+ shows. At midnight Eastern time, Apple TV+ updated with new episodes of 11 hours ago

Gold is the most hated Black Friday iPad color

Even Rose Gold is more popular, so please, spare a thought for this Black Friday's plucky underdog. 10 hours ago

Apple News+ stumbled because it’s the service most outside Apple’s control

Apple’s subscription-based news service is its only real stumble in its services push—and that’s not entirely its fault. 10 hours ago