TSMC reportedly nearing record profit levels in 2018 from manufacturing Apple A12 chip for next-gen iPhones, 7nm process

Apple’s key supplier TSMC is looking ahead to a strong year in terms of profitability,

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Facebook delays smart speaker until October

Facebook’s smart speaker will reportedly launch in October, a new report claims. The social media giant’s entry into the AI speaker market already home to Apple’s HomePod, Amazon’s Echo and Google Home was

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Apple cuts HomePod orders by more than half

Apple’s HomePod smart speaker isn’t off to the best start in terms of sales. A new report claims that lack of demand for the speakers has resulted in Apple cutting orders from 500,000 units per month to just 200,000.

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Streaming music grow by 39% last year, has revitalised recorded music business

With all the focus on music these days, it’s hard to imagine that the recorded music business has been in decline for much of the past decade – but that has been the position according to industry analysis.

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Get a RavPower Qi wireless charger for $9 today, the cheapest we've seen it

If you're looking for a Qi-compatible wireless charger on the cheap, Amazon's got a great deal.

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Review: OneAdaptr’s EVRI & Flip World ultra-portable chargers make for a great travel setup

I’ve always travelled hand-baggage-only (except when taking my bicycle with me), and when you carry as many gadgets as I do, that can require some efficient packing.

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Go beyond iTunes to manage your iOS data [Deals]

Using iTunes to manage iOS devices can be a real headache. Broad categories for syncing make it tough to track down individual tunes, videos, and other files. So it’s nice to know you can manage the data on your iPhone doesn’t need to mean dealing with iTunes.

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Boost your storage with these great deals on giant portable flash drives

Amazon and Best Buy are offering great deals on portable flash drives from SanDisk and PNY.

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J. Cole sets new Apple Music record after notching up 64.5M streams in one day

Rapper J. Cole has set a new record for the highest number of

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Canary security cam adds simpler recording and alert controls, configurable Away mode

Canary is releasing a new version of its iOS app for managing its home security cameras. The new version primarily touts simpler recording controls, and Canary is making its Away mode fully configurable for users as part of the app update.

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