Aggressive new in-store iPhone marketing clouds Apple’s retail message

Following its four-day Black Friday 22 hours ago

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You may think you’re a power user, but not unless you’re using keyboard macros. Macros are like keyboard shortcuts, but customized so you can tailor them to your workflow. 8 hours ago

Tim Cook shows off latest Surfer’s Journal magazine cover shot with iPhone

Apple CEO Tim Cook took to Twitter this weekend to show off the cover of the November/December issue of Surfer’s Journal. The cover, which depicts a surfer in gorgeous blue water, is the latest magazine cover to have been shot on iPhone. 7 hours ago

Apple patent application describes AirPower privacy feature, support for different wireless charging standards

While Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat is still 6 hours ago

What features and changes do you want Apple to focus on with the 2019 iPhones? [Poll]

Yesterday, an analyst 5 hours ago

5G: What to know, why you should be excited, and how it will impact you

. And although it seems pretty clear 1 minute ago