Processing SCADA Alarm Data Offline with ELK

This article kicks off a series where we will use open-source Data Science tools to analyse alarm and event logs produced by SCADA systems. But first, what are SCADA systems and why do their alarms…

Run TensorFlow Models in the Browser

Using serverless computing allows you to scale your application without managing a web server, while keeping the costs low. In this tutorial we explore how to host a TensorFlow model in a serverless fashion using TensorFlow.js and Amazon S3.

Mining Opinions to Understand Customer Trends: Part 1 of 2

With the wealth of information available on the internet, mining opinions to understand how the customers feel about your brand, product and service has become an important success metric. Companies…

Higher-Order Functions with Spark 3.1

Complex data structures, such as arrays, structs, and maps are very common in big data processing, especially in Spark. The situation occurs each time we want to represent in one column more than a…

Better Than GPT-3 — Meet BlenderBot 2.0: Facebook’s Latest Chatbot

BlenderBot 2.0 is the latest conversational AI from the Facebook AI team. 10 hours ago

How to compare 2 dataframes easily

4 years ago, I was involved in a data migration project and was part of a business department within a global financial institution. The business department needed to complete the reconciliation… 12 hours ago

AlphaFold-based databases and fully-fledged, easy-to-use AlphaFold interfaces poised to revolutionize biology

Not only computational but also experimental biology. Thoughts on the future of data science niches in biology. In a recent story I covered the release of the academic paper describing AlphaFold’s… 12 hours ago

Data to Model to API: An End-to-End Approach

In this blog, we are going to go through the entire journey of a machine learning-based use case. We are going to start by data processing, move onto building a data pipeline to feed to model for… 12 hours ago

What in the World is Going on with Data Catalogs?

It seems like every time I refresh my Twitter feed, a new startup launches “the world’s greatest data catalog ever.” And that’s exciting! If a company is able to build the next best catalog since… 14 hours ago

5 Data Transformers to know from Scikit-Learn

As Data scientists, we are often faced with many situations where we faced difficulty when exploring data and developing machine learning. The struggle could come from the statistical assumption who… 15 hours ago