Why & How to use the Naive Bayes algorithms in a regulated industry with sklearn | Python + code

How to use properly the Naive Bayes algorithms implemented in sklearn. Why Naive Bayes is an algorithm to know and how it works step by step with Python.

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How to Create and Tune Your Own Data Set for Facial Recognition using Neural Networks

When you want to create a data set to compare your face to the face of celebrities and run it for example on a phyBoard Pollux neural processing unit, like we did here, or any other aim where you…

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DeepMind Makes History Again By Solving One of the Biggest Challenges in Biology

To this day, DeepMind has acquired a number of achievements since it was founded, but it is most notable for AlphaGo, an AI program that beat some of the best professional Go players in history…

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Variance Makes Life Fun

Explaining real world applications and philosophy of statistical variance through finance and gambling.

Word Embeddings in High-Level

The most common representation of words in NLP tasks is the One Hot Encoding. Although this approach has been proven to be effective in many NLP models, it has some drawbacks: Below we can see an…

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F-beta Score in Keras Part I

During the training and evaluation of machine learning classifiers, we want to reduce type I and type II errors as much as we can. Especially when training deep learning models, we may want to…

You What? — Keeping track with the Python Logging Module

In most scripts, you as the author are interested in knowing the progress of the code. This is particularly true when something inevitably goes wrong — and it will, no matter how good of a coder you…

Binomial Distribution — Practical Intro with Drive-Thru Business Analytic

Probability distribution is a very useful statistical tool to estimate the performance or risk hidden in a business activity. Many businesses stakeholders rely on the probability distribution to…

Here Are The Most Controversial AI Moments of 2020

Artificial intelligence has been the buzzword in 2020 and with benefits of this technology evident around us; AI has had it's own share of controversies.

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Artistic Photo Filter Implemented with Clustering Algorithms

For long, we have been talking about serious machine learning applications — customer risk evaluation, stock price prediction, chatbots and many others. However, machine learning algorithms can also…