Using Py-Feat to Plot Facial Expression Predictions

Py-feat is a free, open-source, and easy-to-use tool for working with facial expressions data, which provides a toolkit to easily detect facial expressions from images and videos, preprocess &… 7 minutes ago

Submitting Model Predictions to Kaggle Competition

This post presents how to create a simple Kaggle kernel for a Competition submission that require an offline environment.

Create a fast auto-documented, maintainable and easy-to-use Python API in 5 lines of code with FastAPI (part 1)

Create a fast auto-documented, maintainable and easy-to-use Python API in 5 lines of code with…. Perfect for (unexperienced) developers who just need a complete, working, fast and secure API.

How this “artificial dreaming” program works, and how you can create your own artwork with it

I received some emails and a couple of comments asking how/where to run the neural network program I used to create the pics in these Snapshots stories: Here are the answers. And although there are…

Why you should try something else than Airflow for data pipeline orchestration

Let’s evaluate AWS step functions, Google workflows, Prefect next to Airflow

Does empathy play a role in being data-driven?

It was demonstrated almost ten years ago, that data-driven decision making is superior to HiPPO. Since then, being data-driven has become an ambition for many companies and individuals alike. In…

Launching The Data Science Blogathon — 12th Edition!

With over 1300+ articles so far getting thousands of views, we continue to receive an overwhelming response from the community! * Only creators Club members are eligible to receive the base reward if…

Drawing out the Posterior Probability Surface of a Gaussian Classifier

Normally distributed data can be found everywhere in nature. For example, in humans, our height, IQ, and birthweight form beautiful bell curves. The gaussian classifier can perfectly estimate the…

Stop Using CSVs for Storage — Here Are the Top 5 Alternatives

Everyone and their grandmother know what a CSV file is. But is it the optimal way to store data? Heck no. It’s probably the worst storage format if you don’t plan to view or edit data on the fly…

General speaking about convolutional neural network

Last month, I gave a presentation to a group of physicists on how CNN works. I presented this as simply as I could, and received positive feedback, so I decided to share it with a larger community…