Apple Opens Material Recovery Lab in Austin to Improve Recycling Efforts

Apple has opened a new lab that will study how it can expand upon its current recycling processes through machine learning and robotics. The company announced the news today, along with other environmentally-focused updates, including that it will... 1 day ago

iOS 13 rumors, Apple and Qualcomm, how to disable Live Photos, and your hot takes

In the latest episode of the Macworld Podcast, we’ll talk about some of the major recent Apple headlines, and what companies should Apple buy? Plus: your hot takes. 1 day ago

Apple Watch authentication expanding beyond unlocking your Mac in macOS 10.15

Usernames and passwords have been used for authentication since the dawn of computing. Apple has introduced many ways to facilitate the usage of strong passwords for authentication by including biometric authentication like Face ID and Touch ID with its products. Now, Apple is working on expanding Apple Watch authentication beyond simply unlocking your Mac with macOS 10.15. 1 day ago

The smarter, better Ring Video Doorbell Pro is $50 off and comes with a free Echo Dot

Amazon's dropped the price of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro to $199 and you can get a free Echo Dot. 1 day ago

Save 97% on a lifetime of powerful VPN protection [Deals]

At this point, if you’re not going online through a VPN, you’re doing it wrong. The threats to security and privacy are growing, so the time is now to protect your digital life. And this deal offers the ideal opportunity to start. 1 day ago

Apple wants to put some more marketing muscle behind Apple News

Apple is looking to beef up its Apple News team, according to new job listings the company has recently posted on LinkedIn. 1 day ago

Feature Request: Have the Apple Store app show your estimated wait in the Genius Bar line

A small request for the Apple Store app … 1 day ago

Add 200GB of space to your phone or Nintendo Switch for just $25 at Amazon today

Amazon is selling a 200GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC card for an all-time-low of just $25 today. 1 day ago

Samsung's Galaxy Foldgate only proves that Apple is right to wait for a foldable iPhone

The Samsung Galaxy Fold isn't off to a great start, with reviewers complaining of display issues and several models needing to be returned. 1 day ago

ToothFairy app for AirPods control on Mac updated with new icons and more ahead of Powerbeats Pro

Using AirPods with a Mac isn’t quite as slick of an experience as with iOS, but the third-party app ToothFairy offers some nifty features. ToothFairy has 1 day ago