Apple Watch alerts popular YouTuber to tachycardia caused by dehydration and stress

YouTuber Joel Telling is crediting Apple Watch with alerting him to an elevated heart rate. Telling says that his Apple Watch notified him that his heart rate had been over 120 beats-per-minute for more than 10 minutes, prompting him to seek medical attention. 6 days ago

iPhone 12 Lineup Expected to Feature Up to 6GB of RAM

Apple plans to release one 5.4-inch, one 6.7-inch, and two 6.1-inch iPhone models in 2020, according to UBS analysts Timothy Arcuri and Munjal Shah. While the analysts expect all four iPhones to be equipped with OLED displays, they believe other... 6 days ago

Handy adaptor charges iPhone, camera gear on power tool battery

There is an entire tech economy around battery life. There are the batteries themselves, chargers both corded and wireless and emergency sources of power that plug into gadgets about to die. 6 days ago

Apple inks multi-year content deal with Little America co-creator

Lee Eisenberg, the co-creator behind Apple’s upcoming TV series, 6 days ago

10 Long Press Tips to Reveal Hidden Functions in Safari on iPhone and iPad

On iPhone and iPad, a long press (also known as a press-and-hold) gesture will often initiate a different action in an app that isn't immediately obvious, such as revealing an icon's contextual menu. On recent iPhones, a long press will... 6 days ago

Lepow portable display is a perfect companion for your MacBook [Review]

MacBooks are wonderfully portable but a laptop display can be cramped for getting serious work done. The Lepow 15.6-Inch USB-C Portable Monitor is so slim and light it can easily go with you and double your available screen space. 6 days ago

Trump says Apple needs to ‘help our great country’ and unlock iPhones used by criminals

President Trump has joined the fray around the FBI’s request for Apple to help unlock two iPhones used by the gunman responsible for last month’s shooting at the Pensacola Naval Air Station. Trump took to 6 days ago

What to expect from Apple in 2020: iPhone 12, triple-lens iPad Pro, new MacBook keyboards, more

For Apple, 6 days ago

Little America currently holds 100% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes

Apple TV+’s upcoming series 6 days ago

New Logitech ergonomic keyboard offers pillowy-soft comfort

Logitech’s new ergonomic keyboard is designed to bring comfort to the heaviest of computer users. With cushy-yet-precise keys and a pillow-soft wrist rest, the just-announced Ergo K860 Ergonomic Split Keyboard puts comfort — and science! — front and center. 6 days ago