HomeKit Weekly: Libratone Zipp retroactively brings AirPlay 2 to a Bluetooth & Wi-Fi speaker

HomeKit speakers have an interesting place in the Home app. They’re primarily there so you can name a speaker and assign it to a room in your home. Then you can stream audio to it over AirPlay 2 and control audio playback with Siri. There’s not much more to HomeKit speakers than that yet.

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New line of free Apple seminars will make your brain bulge

More than 60 new sessions to teach Apple users how to get the most creatively from their apps and devices will be added to the “Today at Apple” program, the company announced in New York today.

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Tim Cook says he came out as gay to inspire kids

Apple CEO Tim Cook says he made the decision to come out as the first openly gay Fortune 500 CEO in an effort to inspire kids who wrote to him, not as a way to get more CEOs to come out.

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Apple security doc touts T2 chip benefits, including hardware prevention of microphone eavesdropping

Alongside its new

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AirPods update appears closer as new model receives Bluetooth SIG certification

Apple’s October event came and went without mention of an updated AirPods wireless charging case or

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Americans check their phones 52 times a day, most want to cut back

The average American looks at their phone 52 times a day, up from 47 times last year. That’s one of the findings from the Deloitte 2018 Global Mobile Consumer Survey …

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iOS 12.1 Includes Addresses Two Major iPhone XS/XR Issues: 'BeautyGate' and Cellular Connectivity Problems

Amid product refreshes for the iPad Pro, Mac mini, and new MacBook Air, Apple today released iOS 12.1, a major update that brings features like eSIM support for the new iPhones, Group FaceTime, real-time Depth Control, and new emoji. iOS 12.1...

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Which backup method should you use for making constant archives of your data?

Not all automatic backup methods use the same frequency. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of file sync services, local backups, and internet-based services.

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New cheaper MacBook, Mac Mini, iMacs all leak through European agency listing

All of Apple’s planned Mac products for its October 30 event have leaked through a listing on the EEC.

techradar.com 3 weeks ago

New MacBook Air’s T2 chip protects your mic from hackers

Tapping into a Mac’s microphone is about to get a lot harder for hackers thanks to Apple’s new T2 chip.

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