Apple’s redesigned Fifth Avenue retail store to reopen around November 2018

Earlier this year, Apple began renovations of its Fifth Avenue retail store with the goal of more than doubling its size. Details on the project have been somewhat unclear throughout the project, but a new report today from 3 weeks ago

Learn to make the most of your camera [Deals]

So you’ve finally invested in a proper DSLR camera. Now, to figure out what all these buttons do. Even if you’re keen with a camera, you’ll need the software skills for making the most out of digital photos. 1 week ago

AAPL again declared the most profitable company in the world

Fortune has for the second consecutive year declared 5 days ago

These iPhone storage gadgets are perfect for data hogs [Review]

A friend emailed me with an iPhone crisis. The storage capacity on her iPhone 6 was full and she was unable to shoot pictures or videos. She needed space fast. 1 week ago

Transmit 5 review: File transfer utility expands support for cloud services

The veteran file-transfer app from Panic has had a long-awaited overhaul that improves usability while bringing access to many more Internet-hosted file services. 5 days ago

Two years after Beats 1 launch, hosts talk struggles, highlights, and the future

Two years ago last week, 3 weeks ago

iPhone 8’s main competitor will go on sale a month earlier

Samsung is again planning to launch its next-generation Galaxy Note handset early in an effort to get a head start on the iPhone 8 — a strategy that backfired in a big way last year. 1 week ago

iOS 11 Dock makes Handoff worth using again

Handoff is one of those iOS/Mac features that seems great, but is limited in use. But a simple tweak has made Handoff waaaay better in iOS 11. Now, instead of having a tiny app icon appear in the corner of your lock screen, Handoff apps show up right there in the new iOS 11 Dock. This simple change has gotten me using Handoff again, instead 4 weeks ago

Let unfreedom ring: The iPhone trap

Decrying the iPhone for things that are worse on Android. 3 weeks ago

Pokémon GO unlocking Legendary Pokémon starting this weekend

Pokémon GO has been celebrating its first anniversary with 5 days ago