Want to charge iPhone from iPad Pro? This solution that works is always with you

iPad Pro switching from Lightning to USB-C unlocks new capabilities like charging your iPhone or importing photos and videos directly, but only if you have the right cable with you. My go-to solution is a USB-C to Lightning cable that lives on my keychain and will always be with me when I’m away from home.

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Apple stops signing iOS 12.0.1 following release of iOS 12.1 & 12.1.1 beta testing

Apple today has officially stopped signing iOS 12.0.1, which was originally released back at the beginning of October. This means that downgrading from the most recent version of iOS, which is iOS 12.1, is no longer possible.

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Americans check their phones 52 times a day, most want to cut back

The average American looks at their phone 52 times a day, up from 47 times last year. That’s one of the findings from the Deloitte 2018 Global Mobile Consumer Survey …

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Jony Ive discusses the importance and absurdity between leveraging ‘curiosity’ and the focus to ‘solve problems’

The Cambridge Union Society announced that Jony Ive had

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Once you go to iOS 12.1 you’ll never go back

If you’ve moved to iOS 12.1, it’s no longer possible to go back to any previous version. Not that there’s much reason to.

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Nanoleaf Canvas Smart Light Squares review: Nanoleaf’s wall lighting goes touch-sensitive

Nanoleaf continues to innovate in the realm of decorative home lighting. It's new Canvas Smart Light Squares open up new opportunities for creating your own illuminated wall art.

macworld.com 4 days ago

Which backup method should you use for making constant archives of your data?

Not all automatic backup methods use the same frequency. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of file sync services, local backups, and internet-based services.

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This versatile bag gives your iPad a stylish commute

There are hundreds of brands for bags and cases, but all boil down to a handful of styles: the satchel/messenger bag, backpack or sling bag.

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Is Apple’s TV service bound for the Apple TV’s competition?

The Apple Music-Amazon Echo deal could be a sign of things to come for Apple TV. Jason Snell explains.

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider is coming to Mac

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

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