Apple reportedly lining up a new "Star" family of devices

New lightweight laptops, with or without a keyboard, could be on the way in the next couple of years. 32 minutes ago

Review: Lifx Beam is a fun way to add HomeKit accent lighting to your walls

HomeKit adoption has grown swiftly over recent years, with lights of all shapes and sizes adopting the platform for smart control. In 2016, we took a 1 hour ago

This week’s top stories: WWDC keynote invites, iOS 12 features, Apple victorious over Samsung, more

Apple invites press to its WWDC 2018 keynote, an iOS 12 concept imagines revamped Notifications, iOS 12 features, Apple’s Star project details, and more. Read on for all of this week’s top stories… 3 hours ago

Making The Grade: Apple’s app installation process explained

In the early days of iOS management, we had to use iTunes to load content on to iPads (no, I am not kidding). It was painfully slow to install even one application, and you don’t want to know how slow iTunes was during the process of updating iOS. 4 hours ago

Let’s do it again: One iPhone killer dies, another is born

This time they'll get Apple for sure. 6 hours ago

iOS 12 will reportedly include new NFC features, enable iPhones to become secure hotel room keys

that Apple will be taking a big leap in iOS 12, giving some third-party developers full access to the NFC chip inside iPhones, first introduced with 17 hours ago

Apple’s secret Star project revealed: ARM-based, touchscreen hybrid computer with LTE

What’s a computer? 18 hours ago

Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend with massive Watch Store sale!

Memorial Day weekend is no exception to the epic sales typically found on holiday weekends. In addition to a little R&R, why not spend a minute treating yourself to some great scores for Apple Watch? 19 hours ago

Apple frequently forced to give customer iCloud data to police

A locked iPhone can’t be accessed without the passcode, and even Apple can’t unlock it. But Apple has to comply with government requests for iCloud information. 19 hours ago

Review: $300 Razer Core X – the best eGPU for MacBook Pro [Video]

Earlier this week Razer, best known for its PC Laptops and gaming-related peripherals, 20 hours ago