Logitech Slim Folio Pro review – bulky, but great for typists [Video]

The Logitech Slim Folio Pro for the 2018 iPad Pro is a product designed for iPad users whose workflow is primarily focused on typing. It features an excellent keyboard, along with key features like highly-tactile keys and backlighting to enhance the typing experience.

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Apple and Amazon could hook up for health care

Apple has made it clear it sees health monitoring as an important part of its business. And now analysts from Morgan Stanley are urging the company combine its efforts with Haven, a partnership of Amazon and others hoping to improve health care while also making it more affordable.

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Filmmaker’s iPhone XS passes the shark bite test

Even on video, our eyes get big when we see the open mouth of a shark. But what’s the appropriate response when you see an iPhone XS between the shark’s teeth?

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Geeky shoes salute rare Apple sneakers from the ‘90s

The Apple-branded sneakers given to employees in the early 1990s have become collectors’ items priced well out of the range of ordinary consumers.

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Netflix tests “Random Episode” button for finding what to watch

Figuring out what to watch from Netflix’s massive catalog of shows might soon be as easy as tapping one button.

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Should iPhone owners envy Samsung’s Galaxy Fold? Video reveals many issues beyond screen damage

When Samsung

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It's about time! Siri in MacOS 10.15 might finally be able to properly set alarms and timers

A new 9to5Mac report says Siri Shortcuts, Screen Time, and iMessage effects may be on the way in macOS 10.15

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Siri Shortcuts, Screen Time, and other iOS features coming to the Mac with 10.15

Apple is working on bringing the Mac and iOS closer together with the introduction of

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Beats and the battle for your ears: how Apple changed the sound of Dr Dre's cans

We spoke to Beats President, Luke Wood about the company’s first true wireless earbud, the Powerbeats Pro.

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The key to nailing that big job interview is proper preparation [Deals]

So you’ve lined up that big job interview … what now? Maybe you’ll do dry runs with friends, look up examples of other interviews online, or read up on the company and the people you’ll be speaking to.

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