Apple urges devs to get macOS apps notarized as free of malware

There’s a new method to let Mac users know that the software they’re installing isn’t loaded with malware. It’s called notarized apps, and Apple 1 day ago

Apple CEO Tim Cook Calls on Bloomberg to Retract Supply Chain Hack Story: 'There's No Truth to This'

For the first time since Bloomberg published a highly controversial story suggesting Chinese spies planted microchips in Supermicro server motherboards Apple used in its iCloud facilities, Apple CEO Tim Cook has gone on the record to vehemently deny... 1 day ago

Tim Cook says Businessweek should retract China security story: ‘We turned the company upside down’

In an 1 day ago

Apple is selling select 4K movies on iTunes for just $5

It's a small selection, but it includes great flicks like 'Kick Ass' and 'Wind River.' 1 day ago

9to5Mac Happy Hour 195: October event announced, iPhone XR pre-order, Photoshop for iPad

This week Benjamin and Zac discuss the newly announced October Apple event, expectations for the new iPad Pro and Mac lineup, iPhone XR pre-orders and the Apple clear case, full Photoshop coming to iPad, Apple’s subscription issues on the App Store, and much more. 1 day ago

Amazon is selling these tiny 32GB SanDisk flash drives for less than $11 each

Amazon has fire sale prices of $7.48 and $10.51, respectively, on two 32GB SanDisk flash drives. 1 day ago

Meet the guy who built an iPhone from scratch

More than a million viewers have now watched Scotty Allen on YouTube build an iPhone from parts mined from the electronics markets of Shenzhen, China. 1 day ago

Apple wanted to bring the best of iMessage to every phone

Apple 1 day ago

Nearly every iPhone XR is still in stock but don't be fooled: It'll still sell like crazy

Pre-orders went live for the iPhone XR at midnight PST Friday morning, and nearly every model is still in stock. But that doesn't mean it's a flop. 1 day ago

Comment: Is the Touch Bar a gimmick? Two years in, I think I can safely answer …

One of the questions a lot of people had when Apple first announced the current incarnation of the 1 day ago