Using AWS RDS and Python together

Amazon Web Services is the cloud platform provided by the Amazon company. It is one of the most frequently emphasized / sought-after platforms in job postings such as data scientist and data…

6 Things I Learned From Teaching R at Facebook

Between 2018 to 2019, I worked at Facebook as a data scientist — during that time I was involved in developing and teaching a class for R beginners. This was a two-day course that was taught about…

Beginners Guide to Dynamic Programming

Sometimes when you write code it might take some time to execute or it may never run even if your logic is fine. Dynamic programming solves the problem by optimizing the code.

How can Videos be Used to Detect Your Personality?

How can Videos be Used to Detect Your Personality?. A time distributed deep bimodal approach to predict scores for Big-5 Personality traits based on videos from the First Impression Challenge.

Bayesian Neural Networks: 2 Fully Connected in TensorFlow and Pytorch

This chapter continues the series on Bayesian deep learning. In the chapter we’ll explore alternative solutions to conventional dense neural networks. These alternatives will invoke probability…

Why You Should Never, Ever print() in a Lambda Function

How to spot an AWS Lambda novice, just like *that*. “Why You Should Never, Ever print() in a Lambda Function” is published by Paul Singman in Towards Data Science.

PYTHON Pandas Descriptive Statistics

Numerous methods collectively calculate descriptive statistics and other related processes in the Dataframe.

A thorough Understanding of Numpy Strides and Its Application in Data Processing

Striding is like taking steps with a given window size in the data. It is a very common technique which you will see in all kinds of data processing tasks. This tutorial will introduce the most basic…

Linear Regression in python from scratch with scipy, statsmodels, sklearn

Implementation of linear regression in python with numpy, scipy, statsmodels and sklearn. A comparison of outcome.

Intel OpenVINO: Inference Engine

In my previous articles, I have discussed the basics of the OpenVINO toolkit and OpenVINO’s Model Optimizer. In this article, we will be exploring:- Inference Engine, as the name suggests, runs the…