Understanding Transfer Learning & Image Augmentation

Have you ever taken part in an image classification competition and felt that your model isn’t as good as the person who is on top? Then I think this blog is for you. Step 3: We will create…

Open-Source 3D Semantical Building Models in 2020

In the recent Geo Data Science projects, there are more and more uses of the semantical 3D city models or advanced analysis and visualization tasks in a variety of application domains such as urban…

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How to Clean CSV Data at the Command Line

Have you ever dealt with a big-scary CSV file that has many columns that you don’t want and many records that slow down the process for you to filter and get the desired…

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Elucidating Bias, Variance, Under-fitting, and Over-fitting.

Overfitting, underfitting, and bias-variance tradeoff are foundational concepts in machine learning. They are important because they explain the state of a model based on their performance. The best…

What is Lobe and how is Microsoft Trying to Make AI mainstream?

What is Lobe and how is Microsoft Trying to Make AI mainstream?. Microsoft released a free public preview of a tool that lets people train AI models without writing a single line of code..

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How to choose the right TS model for your prediction

Choosing the right model for predicting a time series is always a tedious task. In this article, we will browse the points to consider to make the right choice. Unfortunately, when you are confronted…

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4 Blockers and 4 Unlockers for successful machine learning projects

Machine Learning projects are known to fail frequently, according to Gartner 85% of all AI projects fail and even 96% deal with problems. When it comes to new technologies a high degree is normal…

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Rick and Morty story generation with GPT2 using Transformers and Streamlit in 57 lines of code

With the rapid progress in Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), new algorithms are able to generate texts that seem more and more human-produced. One such algorithm, GPT2¹…

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Essential Data Visualization Python Libraries

Visualizing data is effective when done using the right tools. “Essential Data Visualization Python Libraries” is published by Dasaradh Saran in Towards AI.

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Employees’ Attrition — How Catboost and Shap can help you understand it!

Employees’ Attrition — How Catboost and Shap can help you understand it!. Discover how the use of Scikit and Catboost models can help you deal with an unbalanced dataset and why SHAP is a great tool to explain….