Travel Segmentation by User Search Behaviors

In the travel and tourism industry, segmentation is an important strategy for developing itineraries and marketing materials targeted towards different groups with varying travel intents and… 23 hours ago

Mastering String Methods in Pandas

Pandas is a popular python library that enables easy to use data structures and data analysis tools. Pandas can be used for reading in data, generating statistics, aggregating, feature engineering… 14 hours ago

Using Jupyter Notebook to manage your BigQuery analytics

If you have the struggle of opening and continuously switching between ten thousand BigQuery tabs, you are not alone. As a data professional, working with SQL queries is a daily task, and if you are… 22 hours ago

A simple introduction to transitioning into cybersecurity using open-source tools.

It’s February 2020 and already I have seen multiple articles predicting the massive doomsday heading our way due to the lack of people in information security. Are some of it scaremongering…

Applying PCA to the yield curve

The yield curve is a line that plots the various interest rates of bonds with equal credit quality and different maturities. Government bonds are said to have negligible default risk, as the… 23 hours ago

Breaking the Game: Pendragon Four Rise of Merlin

In my first Pendragon Four blog I introduced my multi-agent reinforcement learning (RL) setup for the mobile phone game Fate Grand Order (FGO) I listed a few goals: FGO does not have a player vs… 22 hours ago

A Primer for Generative Voice Models

Cutting Edge Machine Learning models and techniques have allowed for the creation of nearly any type of content from images to video to sound. These generative techniques allow for never before seen… 22 hours ago

How to Create and Add a Conda Environment as Jupyter Kernel?

As a data scientist, I daily work with Jupyter Notebook/ Jupyter Lab. One thing that I used to google a lot every time I start a new project is how to create a new Conda environment and add it as…

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On Trolleys, Self-Driving Cars, and Missing the Forest for the Trees.

TL,DR: I used to believe that self-driving cars would lead to all sorts of ethical problems, and their development should be discouraged. Thinking about how the trolley problem applied to self… 13 hours ago

The ultimate guide to A/B testing. Part 4: non-parametric tests

A/B testing is a very popular technique for checking granular changes in a product without mistakenly taking into account changes that were caused by outside factors. In this series of articles, I…