Screens VNC client for iOS updated with mouse and trackpad support on iPadOS

There are many solutions available to remotely control a computer via an iPhone or iPad, and 1 day ago

For developers, WWDC going online-only ticks all the boxes

Apple’s decision to cancel the 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California, and move to an online-only format was not only a good idea but a no-brainer, according to an international survey of more than 2,200 independent software programmers. 1 day ago

Mobile carriers in Europe will share location data to fight spread of COVID-19

Europe is usually one of the most proactive markets when it comes to user privacy. But there’s nothing usual about the current coronavirus crisis. 6 days ago

Supplier worries might mean a delay to the iPhone 12 launch

An expected production ramp-up has apparently been put on hold while the tech industry waits to see how markets recover. 3 days ago

Apple’s on-staff educators will guide teachers through challenges of online learning

To support teachers as they embrace online e-learning during the current school closures, Apple is making its learning specialists available to educators for free one-on-one virtual coaching sessions. 6 days ago

Add wireless charging to your AirPods with this $25 Elkson case [Review]

One of the nicest features of the latest AirPods is the ability to charge them wirelessly. Just plunk them on top of a Qi-compatible charger and you’re good to go. 1 day ago

WiZ Connected BR30 Colors smart bulb review: An affordable Wi-Fi floodlight that doesn’t require a hub

WiZ’s smart BR30 floodlight is easy to set up, boasts more than a dozen dynamic color lighting modes, and it can even turn “dumb” light switches into smart ones. 6 days ago

Here’s why you should buy the new 2020 MacBook Air [Comparison]

Apple has officially debuted a new MacBook Air that brings some of the first major changes to the laptop since Apple revitalized it in 2018. Read on as we compare the new 2020 MacBook Air against its predecessor, with details on performance, the new keyboard, and more. 22 hours ago

Apple Adds British Government Coronavirus PSA to UK App Store

U.K. iPhone and iPad users who open the App Store this morning are being met with a COVID-19 public service announcement from the British government, signaling an expansion of Apple's efforts to prominently display official coronavirus alerts on... 6 days ago

iMovie is now ready for Apple’s new Magic Keyboard and trackpad for iPad Pro

Apple has updated iMovie for iPadOS with new features including mouse and trackpad support, new keyboard shortcuts, more image format, and more. The new version also prepares Apple’s video editing app for the upcoming 22 hours ago