Following Apple’s deal with Qualcomm, Intel says it is exiting the 5G smartphone modem business

Just hours after Apple’s settlement with Qualcomm, Intel has announced that it is exiting the 5G smartphone modem business. In a press release, the company says that it will instead focus on 5G network infrastructure. 3 days ago

Unlock all your PDFs with one powerful app [Deals]

If you work on a computer, you deal with PDFs. The universal document format is great for sending and consuming written and visual content of all kinds, from simple reports or tax files to entire books. But try to edit one, and you’ll likely hit a wall. 3 days ago

Supply chain report suggests Apple will launch a new 4.7-inch iPhone in March 2020, similar to iPhone 8 design

A report from 3 days ago

Cavalier Audio Maverick wireless smart speaker review: This Alexa-powered Wi-Fi speaker speaks Bluetooth, too

It’s fabricated from high-end materials, including aluminum and genuine leather, but this speaker’s sound quality left me saying "meh." 3 days ago

Fortnite 8.40 rolls out with new weapons, planes, and more

Planes have returned to 2 days ago

Apple Shares New 'Shot on iPhone XS' Video Featuring Images of Nature From Around the World

Apple this morning shared a new video in its ongoing "Shot on iPhone XS" series, this time focusing on awe-inspiring natural scenes caught on Apple's smartphone camera by artist group Camp4 Collective. Titled "Don't Mess... 2 days ago

Report: Apple is designing its own lidar sensors, and in talks with third-party suppliers, for autonomous driving Apple Car project

, Apple is in talks with several suppliers of LIDAR sensors, intended to be used in the Apple Car self driving project. Whilst it is still unclear if Apple intends to release an actual car, the company is clearly invested in developing the software and hardware components for autonomous vehicles. 2 days ago

Opinion: Here’s what likely happened between Apple, Qualcomm and Intel

Yesterday brought a dramatic end to a long-running series of lawsuits between Apple and Qualcomm – with Intel news following close behind. Here’s a look at likely happened between Apple, Qualcomm and Intel … 2 days ago

Why iOS apps will make the Mac a better place... eventually

The next couple of years could be hard for Mac users, because things are going to be strange and different. We’re going to have to learn new ways of doing things 2 days ago

Apple Reportedly Seeking LiDAR Sensors With 'Revolutionary Design' for Self-Driving Vehicles

Apple has held talks with at least four potential suppliers of LiDAR sensors for self-driving vehicles, providing fresh evidence of the company's renewed ambitions to enter the autonomous vehicle space, according to Reuters. Apple has been... 2 days ago