Apple Shares Even More iPhone Photography Tutorial Videos

Apple maintains a photography tutorial section on its website for those interested in stepping up their iPhone photography, and it's regularly updated with new videos. Apple also uploads its iPhone tutorial videos to YouTube. Apple this... 1 hour ago

Register for MacTech Pro 2019 with a special $220 off 9to5Mac discount

A lot of the 3 hours ago

Stacktrace Podcast 024: “The fluffy keyboard”

John and Gui dive into the latest rumors about new Mac hardware and iOS 13. How might the design of the iPad Pro influence future MacBooks, how would a system-wide Dark Mode work on iOS, and what are our updated expectations for Project Marzipan? Also — iPhone XR review, marketing for indies, and much more. 4 hours ago

How gesture controls could replace 3D Touch and bring multi-touch to the Mac [Opinion]

Next week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, LG looks set to unveil a revolutionary new smartphone with gesture controls. In a brief teaser video, the South Korean tech giant boldly promises the end of multi-touch — the way we’ve all been interacting with smartphones ever since the iPhone launched in 2007. 4 hours ago

Popular apps caught secretly sending health data and more to Facebook, should Apple intervene?

A new investigative report from 5 hours ago

Learn to build robots and drones with Humble's cheap Raspberry Pi and Arduino ebook bundle

Humble's microcontroller ebook bundle shows you how to build wildly inventive projects with the popular Raspberry Pi and Arduino. 5 hours ago

Best Apple Watch screen protectors: our top picks and what to look out for

Is a thin film tough enough to protect your Apple Watch, or should you enclose it in a rugged case? 6 hours ago

Infographic highlights how Apple brand dominates other companies

Apple’s been around for more than 40 years. However, it wasn’t until surprisingly recently that it became the company we know today; a surefire lock for titles like the world’s most admired company. 6 hours ago

Samsung could use sneaky trick to delay foldable iPhone

Samsung has beaten Apple to the foldable smartphone, and it could have a sneaky trick up its sleeve to prevent the iPhone-maker from catching up quickly. 7 hours ago

Take a deep dive into SEO and digital marketing [Deals]

The internet represents the some of the most exciting opportunities for business that the world has seen in decades. So whether you want to sell something or just be more effective in reaching an audience, it’s worth knowing the ropes. 7 hours ago