New York City Subway Entrance Turned Into Fake Apple Store With Line for iPhone X

Improv Everywhere recently turned a New York City subway station entrance into a fake Apple Store, complete with both fake employees and customers lined up for the iPhone X. It shared the entire act on YouTube today. The improv group started... 2 weeks ago

EU asks Apple for updated tax arrangement info following reports it shifted cash hoard to Jersey

European authorities are pressing Apple to share details about its tax arrangements, according to 1 week ago

Apple Shares 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Apple today updated its website to add a holiday gift guide, recommending Apple products for people to purchase for friends and family this holiday season. This year's gift guide is bedecked with tiny people and Apple devices displaying holiday... 5 days ago

How comfortable do you feel using a smart lock to allow unattended entry to your home? [Poll]

Smart locks offer a number of benefits over the traditional key-operated kind. There’s the fact that you are less likely to get locked out if you have multiple methods of entry – key, phone and Watch, for example. Auto-unlocking is also convenient when you are carrying shopping and don’t have any free hands. 3 weeks ago

Luminar photo app gets AI smarts and serious speed bump

The software company that’s taken the Macphun out of its name continues to add power to its digital imaging software. 2 weeks ago

What to do when breaking up a shared Apple ID account

Sometimes people share an Apple ID out of convenience. But it can cause problems when you don't want to share that ID anymore. 1 week ago

AirPlay 2: Everything we know about Apple’s upgraded wireless audio streaming feature

AirPlay 2 is coming soon to iOS after being previewed at WWDC earlier this summer. While we haven’t tested AirPlay 2 yet, the upcoming feature has a lot of promise. AirPlay 2 enables multi-room audio playback, works with Apple TV, and compatible speakers will work with HomeKit and Siri. 5 days ago

Best laptop for developers and coders

We list the best laptops for developers and coders. 3 weeks ago

Warby Parker is using face mapping on the iPhone X to provide glasses recommendations

Apple’s new 1 week ago

Kaspersky Lab says popular dating apps vulnerable to three types of attack

Security researchers at Kaspersky Lab say that a number of popular dating apps are vulnerable to up to three types of attack, potentially revealing anything from user location to full identity and employer … 3 weeks ago