Intel announces 6-core 12-thread i9 laptop CPU; possibility for 2018 MacBook Pro

Longstanding rumors of Apple making an eventual switch from Intel to its own Mac CPUs may have been given fresh impetus by 2 weeks ago

MLB 9 for iOS gives you your baseball gaming fix on the go

Baseball season is here, and if you’re a fan, we’ve got the perfect game for you! Developers Com2us has returned with the latest installment in their yearly franchise, 1 week ago

Fibaro Wall Plug with USB review: Does light make right?

This pricey smart plug offers ground effects and solid energy-monitoring features. 6 days ago

Apple bringing Classroom to Mac, reveals new ClassKit framework & Schoolwork app

Apple has today announced several new software features for educators and students. The company is introducing a new Schoolwork app and bringing its Classroom app to the Mac, as well as a new ClassKit API. 3 weeks ago

macOS: How to use Spotlight’s query language to create an All My Files-like feature

Apple removed the prefab option, but with a raw query, you can simulate it. 2 weeks ago

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges review: Lightsaber-swinging, augmented reality fun

Bring iconic duels to life with a headset, your smartphone, and a motion controller. 1 week ago

The trust gap: Android’s persistent update problem

Android OEMs may be lying about the software patches they've delivered. 6 days ago

Apple announces students to get 200GB of iCloud storage for free

Apple has shared during its education event in Chicago today that student accounts through schools will now get 200GB of iCloud storage for free. 3 weeks ago

Facebook: Zuckerberg apologizes to Congress; Cambridge Analytica issues denial; legislation unlikely; more

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has apologized to Congress in a written statement ahead of his testimony before two committee hearings today and tomorrow. 1 week ago

Android P's flagrant iPhone X imitation shows how little Google is innovating

We already now that Android P will be bringing iPhone X-style notch support, but now Google has inadvertently outed a new gesture-based navigation system as well. What happened to Android's innovation? 6 days ago