Apple tweaks iMac Pro lineup with more powerful base model, but no nano-texture display option

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Snapchat launching TikTok-style features for adding music to videos

Snapchat will soon add support for TikTok-style music features, according to a new report from 23 hours ago

Apple Encourages Developers to Use iOS 14's New App Attest API to Protect Against Security Threats

Apple in iOS 14 added a new App Attest API to the DeviceCheck feature that helps keep iOS apps secure. Apple today sent out a reminder to developers, letting them know about the new API. App Attest is designed to reduce fraudulent app use,... 23 hours ago

Trump announces TikTok ban if no sale by Sept. 15, wants ‘a lot of money’ for US treasury

As expected, President Trump has officially announced that the US will ban TikTok and other China-based apps/services like WeChat. In the case of TikTok, Microsoft is working on a potential deal that could see the service continue on but details will need to be nailed down in a matter of weeks. Trump also said that he wants to see the US Treasury take a cut 22 hours ago

Drown out distractions while WFH with these $40 wireless noise-cancelling Anker headphones

Anker's SoundCore Life Q20 is comfortable, with rich sound and solid noise-cancelling performance—and they're wireless to boot. Grabbing them at this low price is a no-brainer. 21 hours ago

Microsoft to Stop Supporting Office 2016 for Mac in October

Microsoft's Office 2016 for Mac is set to reach its end of support date on October 13, 2020, and after that date, connecting to Office 365 services using the Office 2016 for Mac software will no longer be supported. Microsoft shared the... 21 hours ago

Report: Apple led global Q2 tablet shipments with 14 million iPads

Apple posted 21 hours ago

Apple Explains Why You Might See 'Not Charging' When a Mac is Plugged In

If you have a Mac and have seen a "Not Charging" warning when plugging it in to power, Apple last week released a support document that explains why. Macs running macOS 10.15.5 or later have a Battery Health Management feature to... 19 hours ago

Hands-on: Rampow 61W GaN USB-C Power Adapter [Video]

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Concept shows a redesigned iMac with new accessories and wireless charger

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