Disney+ is as cheap as Apple TV+ in the UK if you preorder today

Disney+ is as affordable as Apple TV+ for subscribers in the United Kingdom if they preorder the service ahead of its debut next month. An annual subscription is available today for just £49.99 — £10 off the usual price.

cultofmac.com 23 hours ago

How to get rid of the question mark on your Finder window’s toolbar

Why is there? Why? Why? It’s an old file or folder that has lost its way.

macworld.com 23 hours ago

Chinese OLED iPhone displays closer: BOE opts for Apple-only production lines

We may be getting closer to seeing the first Chinese

9to5mac.com 23 hours ago

Apple plunged Facebook into chaos when it broke its internal apps, new book reveals

Apple triggered a “hot war” that compounded ongoing tensions with Facebook when it pulled the social media giant’s enterprise certificate last year. The decision, which temporarily broke all of Facebook’s internal apps, coincided almost exactly with Facebook’s earnings call.

cultofmac.com 22 hours ago

Moment's new RTRO app invokes stylish video looks

The new RTRO app from Moment features a collection of 'vibey' video filters and simple shooting clips.

macworld.com 22 hours ago

Apple Working With Johnson & Johnson on 'Heartline Study' Aimed at Reducing Risk of Stroke

Apple and Johnson & Johnson today announced a new study that aims to gather more information surrounding atrial fibrillation and other conditions tracked by iPhone and Apple Watch. The "Heartline Study" will include an...

macrumors.com 22 hours ago

Score 6 months of contract-free calling, texts and data at a discount [Deals]

Phone plans are essential, but they can also be expensive. On average, they can run well over 100 bucks a month. So when you have the chance to get six months of calls, texts and data for less than $50, it’s a real deal.

cultofmac.com 21 hours ago

Firefox flips on default DNS over HTTPS to encrypt Internet traffic at the source

Mozilla has announced that it is enabling default DNS over HTTPS on its Firefox browser, likely setting up a lengthy battle with the U.S. government.

macworld.com 20 hours ago

Roku's fantastic Streaming Stick+ is 35% off today

We adore the Roku Streaming Stick+, and today's it's available at a good price on Amazon.

macworld.com 20 hours ago

iOS 14 could bring your iPhone closer to iPadOS, according to leaked video

Leaked videos suggest the app switcher could be getting an overhaul in iOS 14.

techradar.com 20 hours ago