After leaving Apple’s board over Apple TV+ conflict, Bob Iger steps down as Disney CEO

Disney has announced that CEO Bob Iger is stepping down from his role, effective immediately. Bob Chapek, who served as chairman of Disney parks, will take over as CEO, while Iger will transition to the executive chairman role through 2021. 14 hours ago

NTSB Criticizes Apple After Fatal Tesla Autopilot Crash for Not Banning Employee Smartphone Use While Driving

The United States National Transportation Safety Board today conducted a hearing dissecting the fatal 2018 crash of Apple engineer Walter Huang, who was using the autopilot feature of a Tesla Model X, reports CNBC. The NTSB called... 15 hours ago

Add a one-tap web search button to your iPhone Home screen

This fantastic shortcut makes searching the web with your iPhone faster than ever. It places an icon on your Home screen, and you just tap it, type a search into the box that pops up, and hit enter. Your search will then open in Safari. 15 hours ago

Report: iPhone 12 launch and availability called further into question over coronavirus

So far there’s been uncertainty and doubt cast as to what availability of the iPhone 12 lineup will look like come this fall but most reports suggest 16 hours ago

Apple AR headset concept improves detection of movement and positioning

Interacting with an AR headset would be a breeze if it could project virtual controls into the real world. Apple developed a new method for using cameras to accurately track finger movements, enabling someone to toggle these augmented reality switches and buttons. 16 hours ago

Contactless Student IDs on iPhone and Apple Watch Now Available for Santa Clara University Students

Students at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California are now able to add their ACCESS student IDs to the Wallet app on the iPhone and the Apple Watch, allowing their devices to be used to access buildings, attend athletic events, purchase... 16 hours ago

FTC sending $1.7 million in refunds to consumers who were tricked by Apple tech support scam

The Federal Trade Commission has 16 hours ago

Qualcomm announces new X60 5G modem with speeds over 7 Gbps, possible iPhone 12 candidate

Originally slated to share the news at MWC which was canceled due to coronavirus, Qualcomm held its “What’s Next in 5G” event today in its hometown of San Diego. At the event, the company announced its 3rd-gen 5G X60 modem with the capacity for super-fast download and upload speeds and it’s possible the iPhone 12 lineup could feature the new chips. 17 hours ago

Save $200 on a 2TB 27-inch 5K iMac

If you like desktops more than laptops, this is a fantastic deal. 17 hours ago

Apple warns shareholders of coronavirus risks ahead of tomorrow’s annual meeting

Apple is scheduled to hold its annual shareholder meeting tomorrow, February 26, at Steve Jobs Theater. Ahead of the event, Apple is warning attendees to take extra health and safety precautions amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. 18 hours ago