Apple’s Reminders app needs five additional features to be a true task manager

Apple’s Reminders app is one of their apps that has the most potential in my opinion. While it didn’t receive much of an update with the announcements of iOS 12 and macOS Mojave, I believe that with some additional features, it could become the go-to GTD/task/productivity system for most people. 1 day ago

Save 96 percent on lifelong VPN protection [Deals]

Going online is full of risks, from data and identity thieves to government snoops and content restrictions. It’s especially risky if you enjoy torrenting or other peer-to-peer sharing. So for all these reasons and more, connecting via VPN is a must. 1 day ago

University of Alabama president touts partnership w/ Apple to bring student IDs to Wallet

With iOS 12 and watchOS 5, Apple is introducing support for student IDs in the existing Wallet application. While the company didn’t go into a whole lot of detail about the feature at WWDC, 1 day ago

Report outlines possibilities for Apple’s original video, suggests subscription cheaper than Netflix

Apple has made its content ambitions known over recent months, announcing a 1 day ago

Streemur, ApeMatrix, Voice Memos, and other amazing apps of the week

This week we write a screen-play using text messages, make music out of random internet radio streams, and enjoy Apple’s own Voice Memos app, on the iPad at last. 1 day ago

Sonos CEO doesn’t rule out adding direct Siri integration to the company’s speakers

Earlier this month, Sonos made a handful of announcements, 1 day ago

Apple expects its budget iPhone to be the most popular 2018 model

Apple is preparing three iPhones for 2018, reports suggest, but the cheapest model is expected to be the big seller. 1 day ago