[Update: Spotify Wrapped now live] How to visualize your Apple Music listening history, including top songs, artists, and more

Thanks to GDPR, Apple now offers a way to view and download all of the data it has collected from you over the years. Australian developer Pat Murray has

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Lego Ninjago AR app brings toys to virtual life

At Apple’s developer conference in June, Lego demonstrated an app built with ARkit that placed real Lego sets in virtual environments. The first version of that software just launched today.

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T-Mobile’s app-based eSIM service launching on iPhone by the end of the year, report says


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Australia passes new encryption laws that could force Apple to offer access to encrypted messages

Back in October, we reported that

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Apple now offers USB security key support for Safari

The release notes of the latest preview of Safari have revealed that Apple will soon allow users to login to their accounts using USB security keys.

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Brinno Duo review: Our favorite peephole camera adds live remote viewing

This security camera mounts to your door's peephole and streams live video to your smartphone and to its own display on the interior side of your door.

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Two important ways Apple is preparing for life after the iPhone

Even if iPhone sales slow, Dan Moren thinks Apple’s forward-looking nature makes it well prepared for any future.

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Apple sends out notification pushing iPhone users to upgrade

Apple’s apparently taking its “fire drill” approach to pushing the iPhone XR and XS seriously. As noted by developer Steve Lederer on Twitter, Apple recently sent out a push notification prompting users to upgrade to the iPhone XR or XS.

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Apple acquires startup co-founded by iTunes Festival boss

Apple has reportedly acquired U.K.-based A&R and creative services company Platoon.

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The 10 Mac games you need to play from October and November 2018

The last two months gave us amazing games like Total War: Warhammer 2, The Return of the Obra Dinn, and so much more.

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