Screens VNC client for iOS updated with mouse and trackpad support on iPadOS

There are many solutions available to remotely control a computer via an iPhone or iPad, and 1 day ago

PSA: For COVID-19 Disaster Loan applications, use Chrome not Safari

Here’s a tip for small-business owners trying to fill out the Small Business Administration’s new online COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program application: Use Google’s Chrome browser, not Safari. 2 days ago

iPhone 9 case inventory arriving at Best Buy, other retailers with April 5 merchandising date

The long-rumored iPhone 9 is expected to be released at some point this spring. Now, accessories from case makers are making their way to retailers such as Best Buy, with specific instructions not to inventory the products until the end of this week. 2 days ago

Apple accused of ignoring ‘massive’ music piracy on iTunes

Lawyers representing a group of music composers from the 20th century accuse Apple of being “recklessly indifferent or willfully blind” to the actions of a company that operates a “massive music piracy operation” on iTunes. 1 day ago

New low-cost iPhone SE successor could launch as soon as next week

The iPhone SE 2, a.k.a the iPhone 9, could debut anytime after next week, a new report claims. 1 day ago

End of an era: Samsung Display will stop making LCD panels this year

Samsung Display, which supplies screens for iPhones, has said that it will end all production of LCD panels in South Korea and China by the end of 2020. A spokesperson for the company made the announcement Tuesday. 1 day ago

ADT Blue Indoor Camera review: Watches for intruders, listens for alarms

The Blue Indoor Camera is a DIY home-security cam from ADT that will alert you should it hear a CO2 or smoke alarm going off. 1 day ago

iSmartgate Pro review: This smart garage door opener fails to deliver on its big promises

This garage door controller is difficult to install, and suffers significant problems, including frequent disconnects. 1 day ago

How YubiKey Bio could make remote security concerns a thing of the past

Yubico will soon be launching its first biometric-powered security key, and in our new work-from-home world, it could be the way of the future. 1 day ago

Zoom video calls are not actually end-to-end encrypted

, the Zoom video conferencing app offers options for end to end encryption in its UI (and in its marketing materials) but the calls are not actually end-to-end encrypted at all. 1 day ago