Apple Requires Comcast and Charter to Sell iPads and Apple TVs as Part of iPhone Deal

As part of the deal allowing cable companies Comcast and Charter to sell iPhones for their respective mobile services, Apple has required them to also sell large numbers of other devices, reports CNBC. Both Comcast and Charter have wireless... 2 days ago

Adonit Note is the affordable stylus your iPad needs [Review]

More than artists want to draw on their iPad, and Adonit has just introduced a stylus for the rest of us. This lightweight accessory offers most of the features of the Apple Pencil, while costing far, far less. 2 days ago

Trump and Tim Cook go face-to-face to talk US trade policy

Apple’s CEO quietly made a visit to the White House today, where Tim Cook met with Pres. Trump to discuss trade and other matters. 2 days ago

Score the loaded GoPro stabilizer made for action sports [Deals]

It’s easy to find a stabilizer for GoPro, but not one that keeps up with high intensity activity. If you’re out to document high performance sports and stunts, take a gander at this gimbal. 2 days ago

iPhone 11 launch date leaks from Verizon

Information reportedly leaking from the largest US wireless carrier reveals when Apple’s next handset is going to launch. However, the timing is not a surprise so it’s not clear if Verizon has inside information or if the company is just guessing based on previous iPhone launch dates. 2 days ago

Mizuho analysts think this year’s iPhones are going to boring

Are you excited about the 2019 iPhones? Fun-squashing analysts at Mizuho Securities think you’re getting your hopes up a bit too much. 2 days ago

If you're expecting the iPhone 11 to revolutionize phones, you may be disappointed

A leaked note from analysts suggests the iPhone 11 might be a disappointingly mild upgrade from the iPhone XS. 2 days ago

Free Google app makes it easier than ever to build games on Mac

Google’s latest desktop app makes it easier than ever to build 3D games on your Mac. The aptly-named Game Builder doesn’t require you to write a single line of code — and it’s completely free to use. 2 days ago

Why Apple should follow Google's lead and 'leak' the iPhone 11 design early

Google shocked the world this week by revealing the entire back of the Pixel 4, cameras and all. Maybe Apple should do the same thing. 2 days ago

Reading between the lines of Apple's WWDC announcements

Beyond the obvious new features announced last week, Dan Moren thinks you can start to see the shape of a few of Apple's plans to come. 2 days ago