Apple’s laptop designs are cornering Mac users 4 days ago

Minority report: Fixing Apple-caused problems

Fake news gets fake analysis. 4 days ago

Shadows Remain pushes ARKit in spooky new directions

If you’re looking for a game to show off Apple’s ARKit augmented reality platform, you could do a whole lot worse than checking out Australian developer Halfbrick’s intriguing new AR game 4 days ago

New iPad (2017) review

Apple’s latest addition to the iPad lineup is cheaper and offers a couple of little upgrades you’re likely to appreciate. 4 days ago

What are offloaded apps in iOS 11 and how do they work?

Apple’s new option is not well explained, but it can save space on your iPhone. 4 days ago

Duolingo for iOS now teaches you Mandarin

Duolingo, the wonderful language learning app, now has the ability to teach you Mandarin. It was one of the most requested language courses in Duolingo history, and just like all the others, it’s free to take part. 4 days ago

Apple praised for promoting conflict-free minerals trade

Apple’s attempts at cleaning up its use of conflict minerals appears to be working, based on a new report which claims the company is the “clear leader in supporting a conflict-free minerals trade.” 4 days ago

Ireland continues to drag its feet over Apple tax collecting

In the latest instalment of Apple’s battles with the European Union over taxes, Ireland is set to miss a deadline to hire managers to cary out the collection of its owed taxes. 4 days ago

Comment: A year later, AirPods remain basically unrivaled as the best truly-wireless earbuds

Even a year on, Apple’s AirPods are largely unrivaled. They may look a bit funny to wear, and only come in one colour, but it’s hard to argue anyone else is close to matching Apple in the truly-wireless headphone space. 4 days ago

Another analyst says Apple will be a $1 trillion company in next year

Another analyst has thrown his name into the hat by predicting that Apple will be the world’s first $1 trillion company within the next year. 4 days ago