Retro-style video imagines what Siri would look like in 1980s

Thanks to HomePod, everyone is talking about Siri and 6 days ago

Replace the house key with your fingerprint or iPhone [Deals]

In our digital day and age, why are house keys still a thing? They’re easy to lose, easy to copy, and with a little skill and a paperclip someone can get through anyway. 6 days ago

French pranksters face Apple Store ban for tax protests

Apple wants us to think of our friendly local Apple Store as a 6 days ago

AAPL stock climbs to $162 ahead of Apple’s shareholder meeting this morning

AAPL stock has climbed to $162 ahead of this morning’s 6 days ago

Canary home security cameras now work with Amazon Alexa, no update on HomeKit support

Canary has announced that its home security camera system now works with Amazon Alexa devices with screens including Echo Spot and compatible Fire TVs. Alexa support lets you use voice to view live video from connected cameras. While the company is shipping Echo integration, Canary is still not offering a clear roadmap for when Apple HomeKit support may be coming. 6 days ago

MekaMon: from a handmade prototype to Apple's shelves in just four years

UK startup Reach Robotics tells us how it made the leap from a university robotics lab to Apple Stores, and what it learned along the way. 6 days ago

Apple working on ‘Swagger’ TV show starring Kevin Durant, produced by Imagine Television

Apple is working on a TV show starring NBA superstar Kevin Durant, 6 days ago

AAPL shareholders meeting recap: Wearables business approaching Fortune 300 size, Apple Pay adoption slower than expected, more

As 6 days ago

Stop other HomePod users from polluting your music recommendations

Instead of recognizing the voices of various users and serving up their personal tunes, HomePod is tied to one person’s Apple Music library. That leads to an unfortunate side effect: Whenever anyone in your home tells your HomePod to play a track, that song is added to your listening history. 6 days ago

Skype bug could allow malicious attacker ‘system’ level access, Microsoft says fix is ‘too much work’

A nasty Skype bug could allow a malicious attacker to gain “system” level access, if exploited. The bug is applicable on both macOS and Windows desktop platforms. 6 days ago