Apple’s Shazam acquisition sparks ‘in-depth’ EU antitrust investigation through September 4

Apple 10 hours ago

European Regulators Concerned Apple's Proposed Shazam Acquisition Could Hurt Competitors Like Spotify

The European Commission today announced it has opened an in-depth investigation into Apple's proposed acquisition of Shazam. The regulators are concerned that the merger could reduce choice for users of streaming music services in... 10 hours ago

Tweak your photos to perfection with Snapseed [50 Essential iOS Apps #4]

The iPhone’s camera is arguably one of the best cameras most people will use for capturing life moments. Sometimes, though, those photos don’t turn out quite as perfect as you hope. The iOS Camera and Photos apps have some basic editing tools, but if you’re looking for more fine-tuned tweaks, Snapseed is a powerful, free photo editor for iOS that helps revive and tweak your 10 hours ago

Survey Finds Early Adopters of iPhone X Very Satisfied With All Features Except Siri

A survey conducted by research firm Creative Strategies last month has found that the iPhone X has a 97 percent customer satisfaction rate, primarily among early adopters of the smartphone in the United States. The total includes 85 percent... 9 hours ago

Buy last year's 9.7-inch iPad at Walmart for 25% off

If you don't need the Apple Pencil, this is a fantastic deal. 8 hours ago

How to speed up your internet and stop your ISP tracking you

Your entire DNS browsing history can be recorded by your ISP, and will 8 hours ago

Remodeling set to begin in May at Apple’s Palo Alto store, less than 6 years after opening

Apple has announced that their retail location in 7 hours ago

Control this window air conditioner with your iPhone

When people think of home automation, something like the Nest thermostat probably leaps to mind first. But not everyone needs something that elaborate. For those who needs are simpler, GE just launched a window AC unit that’s HomeKit compatible so it can be controlled by an iPhone. 7 hours ago

Apple Shares Two New Ads Aimed at Encouraging Android Users to Switch to iPhone

Apple today shared two new videos in its "Life's easier on iPhone" series, which are aimed at encouraging Android users to switch over to an iPhone. The first ad, "App Store," depicts exploding app icons that are meant to... 6 hours ago

Video editor behind HomePod ad featuring FKA Twigs discusses his creative process

Last month, we saw a 6 hours ago