Concept shows a redesigned iMac with new accessories and wireless charger

Apple is yet to introduce 14 hours ago

Apple Seeking to Build China-Based iPhone Supply Chain Exclusively for Chinese Market

DigiTimes issued a report today highlighting Apple's apparent efforts to build a supply chain consisting entirely of China-based makers in order to manufacture iPhones specifically for the Chinese market. The assessment is based on... 8 hours ago

WhatsApp Users Can Now Fact-Check Forwarded Messages for Misinformation

WhatsApp is rolling out a new way for users to fact-check forwarded messages for misinformation, after several months testing the new feature. From today, messages that have been forwarded through a chain of five or more people will display... 7 hours ago

Kyvol Cybovac E31 robot vacuum mop/hybrid review: This automoated cleaner delivers advanced features at a budget price

The top of a new line of robot vacuums impresses with mapping, voice control, and excellent cleaning performance. 7 hours ago

Little big Apple: Beset with foes, Apple somehow squeaks by

The Macalope thought it was weird last week to see Apple portray itself as beset by foes on all sides. 6 hours ago

Google Pixel 4a vs iPhone SE: Can a cheap Android handset beat Apple's best-ever budget iPhone?

The Google Pixel 4a not only undercuts the iPhone SE on price, it also brings some serious firepower to the battle for supremacy. 6 hours ago

Apple @ Work Podcast: iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur bring new password technology to market

In this episode of the Apple @ Work podcast, Bradley is joined by Andrew Shikiar from the FIDO Alliance to discuss the history of the FIDO Alliance and what 6 hours ago

Trump’s TikTok ruling could see China take revenge on Apple

Fears have been raised that President Trump’s 5 hours ago

China Refuses to Accept 'Theft' of TikTok if US Acquisition Goes Ahead

Yesterday we reported on Microsoft's accelerated efforts to purchase TikTok in the United States before President Trump follows through on a threat to ban the Chinese-owned app in the country. On Tuesday, Reuters reported that... 5 hours ago

Apple Exploring Convex-Shaped Devices With Flexible Displays

Apple is exploring the use of flexible displays to make convex devices, according to a new Apple patent filing published today. The application titled "Electronic devices with convex displays," was filed with the U.S. Patent and... 3 hours ago