I Used ChatGPT to Create an Entire AI Application on AWS

Two days ago OpenAI released ChatGPT, a new language model which is an improved version of GPT-3 and, possibly, gives us a peek into what GPT-4 will be capable of when it is released early next (as…

What’s Next for Data Engineering in 2023? 7 Predictions

End of the year prediction articles are hokey, but they serve a purpose. They help us rise above the daily grind and consider where to place our longer term bets. They also tend to be an exercise in…

OpenAI’s ChatGPT Is the World’s Best Chatbot

OpenAI has released ChatGPT, a new dialogue language model (LM) that's the best chatbot in the world.

Overusing the term “statistically significant” makes you look clueless

A primer on interpreting other people’s hypothesis tests. “Overusing the term “statistically significant” makes you look clueless” is published by Cassie Kozyrkov in Towards Data Science.

How to Easily Get Football Data with a Python Package (Without Web Scraping)

Every minute of a football match generates data that can be used to get high-quality insights that could power player recruitment, and match analysis and help coaches make better decisions.

Pandas and Python Tips and Tricks for Data Science and Data Analysis

This blog regroups all the Pandas and Python tricks & tips I share on a basis on my LinkedIn page. I have decided to centralize them into a single blog to help you make the most…

The Simple Things You Need To Know As A Data Science Beginner

This article is an easy explanation of what data science is, how it works, and what it is used for and features term definitions and examples.

Building Complex Deep Learning Models Using Keras Functional API

The Functional API in Keras is a powerful extension to the Sequential model. It allows us to create complex models by composing simple building blocks that each take one or more inputs, process them…

Graphs with Python: Overview and Best Libraries

Graphs with Python: Overview and Best Libraries. Graph analysis, interactive visualizations, and graph machine learning | by Dmytro Nikolaiev (Dimid) ML

Pandas Isn’t Enough. Learn These 25 Pandas to SQL Translations To Upgrade Your Data Analysis Game

SQL, as we all know, is a language used to manage and manipulate data in databases. On the other hand, Pandas is a data manipulation and analysis library in Python. Moreover, SQL is often used to…