Use LangChain’s Output Parser with ChatGPT for Structured Outputs

ChatGPT and many other LLMs have led the way for creating LLM-based applications in different domains. These models are extremely powerful at processing text inputs and creating text outputs based on… 18 hours ago

Python Type Hinting: Duck Type Compatibility and Consistent-With

The article explains what duck type compatibility and consistent-with mean in Python type hinting, and how to use them to write expressive type hints. 18 hours ago

Unbox the Cox: Intuitive Guide to Cox Regressions

The goal of Cox regression is to model the relationship between predictor variables and the time it takes for an event to happen — like events that only happen once. Let’s dive into a made-up dataset… 17 hours ago

Meet Falcon LLM: The New Foundation Model that Quickly Top the Open LLM Leaderboard

Meet Falcon LLM: The New Foundation Model that Quickly Top the Open LLM Leaderboard. The model has become one of the most interesting open-source foundation models in the space..

medium.com_towards-ai 19 hours ago

Predicting the Unpredictable: An Introduction to the Poisson Distribution

The Poisson distribution is a ubiquitous discrete probability distribution. It was published by Siméon Denis Poisson in the early 19th century and since found applications in many industries… 18 hours ago

A quick introduction to Machine Learning. Part-3 (Decision Tree)

So far, we have seen regression methods to find the relationship between the different variables. Here we are going to use a tree-based approach. Most of you might know what a tree data structure is…

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What is Bayes Error?

one of the most important considerations is how much room for model performance improvement is there. For example, suppose we have a binary classification model and its accuracy is 85%. We might then… 18 hours ago

A Beginner-Friendly Introduction to Applied Science

Empiricism is likely the most important aspect to formulating a real-world understanding of just about anything. While anecdotal observation might go a long way for more basic things, it is important… 14 hours ago

This AI newsletter is all you need #50

The open-source movement continues at pace this week with Falcon, a new family of state-of-the-art language models, ascending to the top of Hugging Face’s leaderboard…

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Unlimiformer: Long-Range Transformers with Unlimited Length Input

Unlimiformer: Long-Range Transformers with Unlimited Length Input. Now it’s possible to have deep learning models with no limitation for the input size..

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