Another Look at Exploratory Data Analysis with Excel’s Ideas Feature

TLDR: If you are not a data scientist, you too can perform exploratory data analysis. And any data scientists who previously found the distribution of Excel’s automated exploratory data analysis… 16 hours ago

Controlling for “X”?

An intuitive approach into what it really means to control for covariates in a linear regression model via the Frisch-Waugh-Lovell theorem. 15 hours ago

Random Forest or XGBoost? It is Time to Explore LCE

A new machine learning method that further enhances the prediction performance of the state-of-the-art Random Forest and XGBoost. LCE combines their strengths and adopts a complementary diversification approach to obtain a better generalizing predictor. 15 hours ago

Find the order of ARIMA models

ARIMA is one of the best models to start a univariate time series experiment. It delivers state-of-the-art performances, especially in the case of small datasets, where deep learning models are not… 13 hours ago

Complete Detailed Tutorial on Linear Regression in Python for Beginners

Linear regression is the most basic type of machine learning. It is based on the simple straight-line formula we have all learned in middle school. Though there are a lot of other more…

medium.com_towards-ai 17 hours ago

How Neural Networks Actually Work — Python Implementation (Simplified)

Neural Network (NN) is a black box for so many people. We know that it works, but we don’t understand how it works. This article will demystify this belief by working on some examples to show how a… 14 hours ago

How To Write NumPy Array Into CSV File

How to write and export NumPy arrays into CSV files in Python 14 hours ago

Broadcasting in Numpy: A Powerful Technique You Should Know

Broadcasting is a mechanism that allows Numpy to handle arrays of different shapes during arithmetic operations. Broadcasting allows for vectorization. 14 hours ago

p-values: A Legacy of “Scientific Racism”

Disclaimer: I’ll be putting quotes around certain words, like race, racial measurements”, etc. because not only are these terms loaded with historical discrimination, but “race” is un-scientific. A… 12 hours ago

Causal AI — Enabling Data-Driven Decisions

Understand how Causal AI frameworks and algorithms support decision making tasks like estimating the impact of interventions, counterfactual reasoning and repurposing previously gained knowledge on… 10 hours ago