Pandas Isn’t Enough. Learn These 25 Pandas to SQL Translations To Upgrade Your Data Analysis Game

SQL, as we all know, is a language used to manage and manipulate data in databases. On the other hand, Pandas is a data manipulation and analysis library in Python. Moreover, SQL is often used to…

What does if __name__ == ”__main__” do in Python?

Main method in Python. What does if __name__ == ”__main__” do in Python, how and when to use it when invoking scripts vs module imports

MLOps in Practice — De-constructing an ML Solution Architecture into 10 components

In my previous blogs, I have talked about the three key pipelines (1) Data and Feature Engineering Pipelines, (2) ML Model Training and Re-training Pipelines, (3) ML Model Inference and Serving…

Stop using Print, and start Debugging

I once read that in programming an error in code is called bug for a very specific reason. When computers were still huge mainframes (a long, long time ago) it happened that a bug got stuck in the…

Despite Their Feats, Large Language Models Still Haven’t Contributed to Linguistics

A review of Chomsky's views on linguistics and LLMs

Feature Engineering with Image Data

With feature engineering, we immediately think about tabular data. Yet, we can also get features for image data. The goal is to extract the most important aspects of the image. Doing so will make it…

How I tried to revolutionize the scripting experience

Learn how to improve the Bash script experience by sharing scripts and implementing argument parsing and help pages with ease.

Step By Step Guide To Automated Exploratory Data Analysis Using Sweetviz in Python

· Abstract · Casual Introduction to Data Science & Analytics ∘ Skills of a Data Scientist ∘ Key lessons from the Industry · What are the different analytics levels? · What is Sweetviz? · Analyzing…

A Fairly Short Explanation of the Dependency Injection Pattern with Python

Dependency injection as a concept is neither sexy nor cool, as pretty much any design pattern. And despite that, when properly harnessed, it is extremely useful — again, as pretty much any design…

How To Run Your Python Scripts in Amazon EC2 Instances (Demo)

You’re most likely accustomed to running Python scripts on your local machine. However, that machine may not be able to meet the compute or storage requirements needed to run certain operations.