A Super-Fast Way to Loop in Python

Python is known for being a slow programming language. Although it’s a fact that Python is slower than other languages, there are some ways to speed up our Python code.

PyScript — unleash the power of Python in your browser

During a keynote speech at PyCon US 2022, Anaconda’s CEO Peter Wang unveiled quite a surprising project — PyScript. It is a JavaScript framework that allows users to create Python applications in the…

Goodbye Scatterplot, Welcome Binned Scatterplot

When we want to visualize the relationship between two continuous variables, the go-to plot is the scatterplot. It’s a very intuitive visualization tool that allows us to directly look at the data…

How to add value as a data analyst

The journey to becoming a “real” data analyst. “How to add value as a data analyst” is published by Cassie Kozyrkov in Towards Data Science.

10 Terminal Commands Anyone Learning Python Should Know

Most of us interact with our computers through the Graphical User Interface (GUI). This friendly option is enough for us when performing simple tasks, but when it comes to doing more advanced stuff…

Top 10 VS Code Extensions to Boost Productivity

One of the keys to VS Code’s popularity is its unbeatable ecosystem of extensions that provide additional functionality and improve the overall coding experience. In this article, I am going to share…

Do Not Use If-Else For Validating Data Objects In Python Anymore

Python validating dictionary, JSON and data object without if-else condition but using Cerberus for data science, analytics and data quality.

How to Easily Run Python Visualizations On a Web Browser with PyScript

How to Easily Run Python Visualizations On a Web Browser with PyScript. A step-by-step guide to run matplotlib and bokeh visualizations on your web browser using PyScript.

8 Visualizations with Python to Handle Multiple Time-Series Data

Dr. Strange, a fictional character, is my favorite superhero. One of his incredible abilities is seeing the possibilities of events. It would be cool if I could see many things simultaneously like…

7 Must-Read Books for Data Scientists in 2022

Reading is unquestionably one of the most important attributes of a data scientist. With the influx of information through YouTube videos, courses and blogs (yes, I get the irony), we think that we…