Scheduling Notebook and Script Runs with GitHub Actions

Let’s say that we have done some cool data analysis on a data stream that updates periodically, for example sports statistics or current weather conditions. Now, we add our code to version control on… 11 hours ago

End-to-End Attention-Based Machine Translation Model with Minimum Tensorflow Code

This blog post walks through the training and inference of attention-based machine translation using only high level Tensorflow API. It’s a simplified end to end tutorial that aims to minimize lines… 11 hours ago

Automation Python Scripts: Connecting to Oracle Database using Cx Oracle

I’ve been using cx_Oracle Python extension module to access my Oracle Database and I was able to automate most of my small tasks because of it. There are documentations available online provided by… 11 hours ago

Game Theory for Data Scientists

Many people will be aware of Game Theory, either from study and/or popular culture. The movie “A Beautiful Mind” made many people aware of John Nash and his work in this field. Game theory is a… 16 hours ago

Deploy Logistics Operational Dashboards using DataPane

Build reporting capabilities to provide supply chain visibility and support the operational teams of a Distribution Center of a mid-size retailer In some markets like China, the retail industry has… 20 hours ago

How to Make Your Data Science Code Reviews Better

Code reviews can be stressful for many developers, especially if you haven’t done one before. In turn, they are becoming more common in data science, especially as we begin working with more… 20 hours ago

Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction

In 9 hours, Google’s AlphaZero went from only knowing the rules of chess to beating the best models in the world. Chess has been studied by humans for over… 21 hours ago

Getting more bang for your buck out of pre-trained language models with GroupBERT

Introducing GroupBERT for 2x training speed-up in natural language processing on Graphcore IPUs 22 hours ago

Exploratory Sensor Data Analysis in Python

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) aims to expose the main characteristics of a dataset through statistical and visual tools. Commonly, this is the first step in approaching a problem and when it is… 22 hours ago

Shredded Cloth Filters in Espresso

Previously, I found cloth filters speed up coffee flow by putting one at the bottom or the middle of the espresso puck. I decided to make a crazy experiment. What if I cut a cloth filter into small… 22 hours ago