4 Powerful Rules for Better Data Science

4 Powerful Rules for Better Data Science. Following these rules has drastically improved my effectiveness as a data scientist to deliver more value from my work.

Football Coaches Analysis using Python

Football Coaches Analysis using Python. Here’s how I used Data Science to extract insightful information about coaches from the best international championships..

Create Web UIs for Python APIs and ML Models

Quickly prototype apps and share them with others. Collect feedback on predictions to improve ML model performance.

3 Things You May Not Know About Python Tuples

Tuples are one important built-in data type in Python. Like lists, we often use tuples to save multiple objects as a data container. However, what makes them different from lists is their…

How to Grow Your Data Science Leadership Skills

What does being a leader entail for an industry data scientist? For some practitioners, leadership means managing people and products; for others, the focus might be on developing workflows and…

Machine Learning for Time Series Data in Python [Regression]

Time series data is one of the most common data types in the industry and you will probably be working with it in your career. Therefore understanding how to work with it and how to apply analytical…

How to Build a Regression Model for Discontinuous Data

We'll study how to model one commonly occurring case of discontinuous data

Three ways to parse arguments in your Python code

If you have worked a lot with machine learning and deep learning models, you probably tried to change hyperparameters a million times on your Jupyter notebook or python script to improve the…

Causal Inference: an Overview

First of all, why should we bother studying causation? Isn’t correlation enough for making predictions? Hasn’t machine learning made the study of causation pointless? Well, not really.

Real-Time Typeahead Search with Elasticsearch (AWS OpenSearch)

· 1. Introduction · 2. Dataset Preparation · 3. Setting up the OpenSearch · 4. Index data · 5. Basic Query with Match · 6. Basic Front-end Implementation with Jupyter…