Speck’s new iPhone cases will give your precious handset its own airbag

Wish your precious iPhone had an airbag to protect it in the event of an accidental drop? Speck’s new line of Presidio2 iPhone cases promises to deliver a solution.

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Handy adaptor charges iPhone, camera gear on power tool battery

There is an entire tech economy around battery life. There are the batteries themselves, chargers both corded and wireless and emergency sources of power that plug into gadgets about to die.

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Did you sign up for Apple Music over the holidays? Check out these tips

Did you get an

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You can now use a Popsocket and wireless charging at the same time with the $60 PopPower

Popsockets and PopGrips are integral iPhone accessories for many people. You simply attach one to the back of your iPhone, and you have a built-in handle that makes the device easier to hold. The biggest downside has always been the ability to use a Popsocket and wireless charging at the same time, but that will soon change.

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Apple inks multi-year content deal with Little America co-creator

Lee Eisenberg, the co-creator behind Apple’s upcoming TV series,

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The best music, music, and — uhh — music apps this week

This week we boss a metronome around with only our voices, let a music app write our songs for us, and create beats and tunes like little children might. Yes, the only good new apps I’ve seen this week have all been music apps, so try to enjoy it.

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Patricia Arquette joins cast of Apple TV+ original Severance

Academy Award winner Patricia Arquette has signed up to star in

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10 Long Press Tips to Reveal Hidden Functions in Safari on iPhone and iPad

On iPhone and iPad, a long press (also known as a press-and-hold) gesture will often initiate a different action in an app that isn't immediately obvious, such as revealing an icon's contextual menu. On recent iPhones, a long press will...

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Cardiologist sues Apple over its heart-reading Apple Watch tech

A New York University cardiologist has filed a lawsuit against Apple, relating to its atrial fibrillation-detecting heart-reading tech for Apple Watch.

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Satechi launches Trio Wireless Charging Pad with room for iPhone, AirPods Pro, and versatile Apple Watch puck

has launched its latest Apple accessory at CES today, the

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