Use LangChain’s Output Parser with ChatGPT for Structured Outputs

ChatGPT and many other LLMs have led the way for creating LLM-based applications in different domains. These models are extremely powerful at processing text inputs and creating text outputs based on… 18 hours ago

Predicting the Unpredictable: An Introduction to the Poisson Distribution

The Poisson distribution is a ubiquitous discrete probability distribution. It was published by Siméon Denis Poisson in the early 19th century and since found applications in many industries… 18 hours ago

Python Type Hinting: Duck Type Compatibility and Consistent-With

The article explains what duck type compatibility and consistent-with mean in Python type hinting, and how to use them to write expressive type hints. 18 hours ago

Maximizing Your Model Potential: Custom Dataset vs. Cross-Validation

Today, we’re going to explore a crucial decision that researchers and practitioners face when training machine and deep learning models: Should we stick to a fixed custom dataset or embrace the power…

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Meet Falcon LLM: The New Foundation Model that Quickly Top the Open LLM Leaderboard

Meet Falcon LLM: The New Foundation Model that Quickly Top the Open LLM Leaderboard. The model has become one of the most interesting open-source foundation models in the space..

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A quick introduction to Machine Learning. Part-3 (Decision Tree)

So far, we have seen regression methods to find the relationship between the different variables. Here we are going to use a tree-based approach. Most of you might know what a tree data structure is…

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Building AI Strategies for Businesses

Prior to founding Data-Centric Solutions, I spearheaded the development, execution, and implementation of the AI strategy at an established bank. Although relatively green in…

Utilizing PyArrow to Improve pandas and Dask Workflows

This post investigates where we can use PyArrow to improve our pandas and Dask workflows right now. General support for PyArrow dtypes was added with pandas 2.0 to pandas and Dask. This solves a…

A Quick Fix for Your Sluggish Python Code

Dramatically speed up reusable computationally intensive tasks such as using an LLM or expensive database queries with lru_cache.

AI Frontiers Series: Supply Chain

Recently, I’ve pondered how I can provide equal value to both technical and business-oriented professionals in my writings. Fortunately, my role as a data science consultant naturally offers a wealth…