Speed Typing Test Project with Python

Every individual who owns an electronic gadget usually types in their respective device, whether a laptop, a phone, or a PC. In the modern world, typing through projects is the more utilized and…

5 More Awesome Python Hidden Features — Part 2

Python is a strong and robust language — and one of the ways that renders Python to be on a class of its own is its versatility and dynamics. Python is famous for its cool ‘one-liners’…

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Deep Learning for Forecasting: Preprocessing and Training

How to train deep neural networks using several time series. “Deep Learning for Forecasting: Preprocessing and Training” is published by Vitor Cerqueira in Towards Data Science.

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Simple Explanations of Basic Statistics Concepts (Part 2)

In Part 1: Simple Explanations of Basic Statistics Concepts, I explained the fundamental ideas behind some statistical concepts, including different definitions relating to population and sample…

Native support of categories in XGBoost: how does it work?

XGBoost and others decision tree-based methods trained using gradient Boosting use comparison for decision. It’s not trivial to mathematically define a comparison operator for categories. In this…

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Leveraging Data Analytics for Sustainable Business Transformation

Overcome the challenges faced in scaling green initiatives that prevent organizations from achieving their sustainability goals.

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Understanding different cache types in Power BI

How many times did you find yourself in the following situation? When you open the report for the first time, it takes a while to render, but once you go back and…

An AI-Powered Analysis of our Postal Service Through Tweets

An AI-Powered Analysis of our Postal Service Through Tweets. Delving into Machine Learning, Topic Modeling, and Sentiment Analysis to Uncover Valuable Customer Perspectives.

How I Make My Python Scripts Sound Like a Natural Conversation

Using the single responsibility principle and pipe operators can significantly improve code readability. Even non-technical people can comprehend your code.

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The Ultimate Collection: 125 Python Packages for Data Science, Machine Learning, and Beyond

Python, one of the world’s most popular programming languages, boasts a vast ecosystem of modules and packages, with over 350,000 available to developers. This rich collection of resources empowers…