Why I Chose the MacBook Air over the MacBook Pro as a Data Scientist

It’s currently a great time to upgrade to a new Mac as Apple is rolling out their game-changing Apple Silicon (M1) chips. I was recently in the market for a new laptop and…

Enhance Your Plotly Express Scatter Plot With Marginal Plots

Scatter plots are a commonly used data visualisation tool within data science. They allow us to plot two numerical variables, as points, on a two dimensional graph. From these plots, we can…

Five Unexpected Behaviours of Python Could Be Surprised

Python tricks in += atomic operation of immutable tuples and mutable lists, class attributes, error message in outer scope, numpy memory and dictionary.

Exploring stacks and queues

In our last post, we covered data structures, or the ways that programming languages store data in memory. We touched upon abstract data types, theoretical entities that are implemented via data…

My First Six Months as a Data Scientist

Data science is cool, and yet I don’t think anyone who was a kid in the 2000s or earlier dreamt of doing it when they grew up. For me, I first wanted to be a veterinarian, then a park ranger, a dog…

Data Visualization Before Machine Learning

Do you ever ask yourself why your machine learning model isn’t used? Plot drive much more engagement than any machine learning models

How to Benefit from the Semi-Supervised Learning with Label Spreading Algorithm

A detailed explanation of how Label Spreading algorithm works with Python example

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The Poisson Hidden Markov Model for Time Series Regression

A Poisson Hidden Markov Model uses a mixture of two random processes, a Poisson process and a discrete Markov process, to represent whole numbered time series data.

4 Python Pandas Functions That Serve Better With Dictionaries

Pandas is arguably the most popular data analysis and manipulation library in the data science ecosystem. First and foremost, it is easy to learn and offers an intuitive syntax.

Three R Libraries Every Data Scientist Should Know (Even if You Use Python)

Three R Libraries Every Data Scientist Should Know (Even if You Use Python). Powerful R libraries built by the World’s Biggest Tech Companies.