Instead of Virtue Signaling, I Signed Up to Write 300 GOTV Postcards

I wanted to combine my two passions, coding and working in the civic tech place. I was a Data Scientist for a large public sector union and now I currently am a federal data science consultant.

Adaptive Learning for Time Series Forecasting

There is no need to say the importance of time series forecasting applications in various industries from Energy to Healthcare, etc. Therefore, let’s go to the point directly. One of the complex and…

Make-a-video: The AI Film Maker!

Generates videos from the text!. “Make-a-video: The AI Film Maker!” is published by Louis Bouchard in Towards AI.

Building Feedforward Neural Networks from Scratch

This article will give you a general idea of what Feed Forward Neural Networks (FFNNs) are. Starting from the basics, like what a Perceptron is, arriving at Backpropagation. In the last part of the…