How ChatGPT Works: The Model Behind The Bot

This gentle introduction to the machine learning models that power ChatGPT, will start at the introduction of Large Language Models, dive into the revolutionary self-attention mechanism that enabled…

Categorize Free-Text Bank Transaction Descriptions Using BERT

I purchased a property towards the end of calendar year 2022 with a mortgage. Given the increase in financial commitments, I wanted to keep a tab on my expenses. It had never occurred to me prior to…

FinOps: Four Ways to Reduce Your BigQuery Storage Cost

With the current state of the economic situation, it’s more important than ever to maximize our cash on hand and develop a series of cost optimization strategies. The growing use of cloud services…

Stress test for your NLP models

All the NLP models have annotation artifacts hidden behind shiny F1 scores. To fight them use the methods and an open-source tool from this article.

Three Fundamental Flaws In Common Reinforcement Learning Algorithms (And How To Fix Them)

Reinforcement Learning algorithms such as Q-learning and REINFORCE have been around for decades and their textbook implementations are still widely used. Unfortunately, they…

Going Under the Hood of Character-Level RNNs: A NumPy-based Implementation Guide

Recurrent neural networks (RNNs) are a powerful type of neural network that have the ability to process sequential data, such as time series or natural language. In this article, we will walk through…

5 Fantastic Data Pipeline Orchestration Tools For R

Many modern data orchestration projects like Apache Airflow and Luigi are Python-based. Let's explore the popular data pipeline orchestration options for R.

A Visual Microphone? The Revolutionary Tech That Can Extract Audio from Images

The power of subtle motions. “A Visual Microphone? The Revolutionary Tech That Can Extract Audio from Images” is published by Pavle Marinkovic in Towards Data Science.

3 Ways to Build a Geographical Map in Python Altair

3 Ways to Build a Geographical Map in Python Altair. A data visualization tutorial on how to build three different maps in Python Altair: choropleth map, dot density map, and proportional….

Reinforcement Learning for Inventory Optimization Series III: Sim-to-Real Transfer for the RL Model

Update: this article is the third article in my blog series Reinforcement Learning for Inventory Optimization. Below is the link to the other articles in the same series. Please check them out if you…