How GPT Models Work

It was 2021 when I wrote my first few lines of code using a GPT model, and that was the moment I realized that text generation had reached an inflection point. Prior to that, I had written language…

10 Exciting Project Ideas Using Large Language Models (LLMs) for Your Portfolio

10 project ideas for building an application with LLMs to extend your data science portfolio.

Ten Years of AI in Review

The last decade has been a thrilling and eventful ride for the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Modest explorations of the potential of deep learning turned into an explosive proliferation of a…

Build More Analyses, Build Less Dashboards

It’s been nearly 2 years since Seth Rosen’s trashboard tweet, and yet the trashboard epidemic is still quite real. We still encounter companies that are curiously happy with having thousands of…

Summarising Best Practices for Prompt Engineering

Summarising Best Practices for Prompt Engineering Or how to build your own LLM-based application using OpenAI API by Dmytro Nikolaiev (Dimid)

Applying LLMs to Enterprise Data: Concepts, Concerns, and Hot-Takes

Ask GPT-4 to prove there are infinite prime numbers — while rhyming — and it delivers. But ask it how your company did last quarter, and it will fail miserably. This illustrates a fundamental…

From Data Engineering to Prompt Engineering

Data engineering makes up a large part of the data science process. In CRISP-DM this process stage is called “data preparation”. It comprises tasks such as data ingestion, data transformation and…

Writing design docs for data pipelines

Exploring the what, why, and how of design docs for data components — and why they matter.

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6 Things That You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do With Pandas

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