Deformable Convolutions Demystified

The reader of the post must have a basic understanding of Convolutional Neural Networks. If you are unfamiliar with the topic you can refer to this link and if you want to know more about the… 13 hours ago

Part 7: Fast Pattern Searching with STUMPY

STUMPY is a powerful and scalable Python library for modern time series analysis and, at its core, efficiently computes something called a matrix profile. The goal of this multi-part series is to… 13 hours ago

Optimizing Hyperparameters the right Way

Optimizing Hyperparameters the right Way. Efficiently exploring the parameter-search through Bayesian Optimization with skopt in Python. TL;DR: my hyperparameters are always better…. 13 hours ago

Manage Files and Database Connections in Python Like a Pro

In data engineering and data science, we frequently need to retrieve data from databases or flat files. However, using data from external resources without closing the connections to the underlying… 14 hours ago

Predicting Formula 1 results with Elo Ratings

Formula 1 races often feel predictable: Mercedes has won the past 5 championships and 7 of the first 9 GPs in the 2020 season. There is certainly no lack of Formula 1 predictions online — anyone from… 14 hours ago

Build a Trivia Bot using T5 Transformer

Question Answering is a very common task in NLP. SQuAD data set is a popular data set for question answering problem. Typically for question answering, the model is presented with a question and a… 14 hours ago

The State of Recommender Systems for Fashion in 2020

A Summary of the Second Workshop on Recommender Systems for Fashion, co-located with the 14th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems. Color is one of the most identifiable characteristics of fashion… 16 hours ago

Applied Machine Learning Models For Improved Startup Valuation

Determining the valuation of an early-stage Startup with the help of machine learning models. 16 hours ago

Cats vs Dogs —Your second end-to-end CNN Classifier in 5 minutes

Does that sound weird? So, this is my second blog in the series of DIY CNN models. You can check the first classifier here. In case you haven't read my previous article, I would highly recommend… 16 hours ago

How to Optimize Customer Conversions With AutoML

81percent of sales leads aren’t converted¹. Without targeting the right leads and optimizing conversions, getting more leads is like pumping water into a leaky bucket.

medium.com_towards-ai 17 hours ago