Revamped Apple Maps Rolls Out Across Italy

In July of this year, Apple began testing its revamped Maps experience across Italy, following rollouts in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain. Apple has now officially launched those Maps improvements in... 1 year ago

Apple Obsoletes 16GB Fifth-Generation iPod touch

Apple today added the 16GB fifth-generation iPod touch, released in 2013, to its list of obsolete products. This specific variation of the ‌iPod touch‌ was released as a lower-end option to the fifth-generation... 1 year ago

Kuo: Apple Watch Series 7 is a ‘dramatic change in design’, will be released this month despite initial production issues

This morning, Ming-Chi Kuo released an analyst note that acknowledged Apple 1 year ago

Apple fires engineering manager Ashley Gjøvik for allegedly violating company’s rules

Apple on Thursday fired its senior engineering program manager Ashley Gjøvik for allegedly violating company policies on leaking private corporate information. Gjøvik has been saying on Twitter how she feels about how Apple handles situations of sexism and harassment among its employees. 1 year ago

After new law in Korea allows third-party payment systems in apps, Epic wants Apple to release Fortnite for iPhone again

Last August, 1 year ago

Review: OtterBox Folding Stand for MagSafe offers flexibility for home and travel for iPhone 12 and 13

We’ve seen a lot of MagSafe stands arrive over the course of the last year and OtterBox has thrown its hat in the ring with the 1 year ago

Bloomberg: Kevin Lynch tapped to lead Apple Car project in latest shakeup

Just days after it was revealed that Apple VP Doug Field was stepping down form the Apple Car project for a 1 year ago

Spotify wants to improve your playlists with new Enhance feature

In another take to differentiate itself from other music streaming services competitors like 1 year ago

Facebook Debuts $299 'Ray-Ban Stories' Smart Glasses

Facebook today launched its first smart glasses, which were created in collaboration with Ray-Ban. The Ray-Ban Stories are priced starting at $299 and come in 20 style combinations. Smart glasses might suggest augmented reality... 1 year ago

Roundup: AirPods 3 could launch this month; here’s what we know so far

AirPods 3 are rumored to launch alongside the new 1 year ago