Topic Modeling — Intro and Implementation

Businesses interact with their customers to better understand them and also to improve their products and services. This interaction can take the form of emails, textual social media posts (e.g… 12 hours ago

A Visual Guide to Learning Rate Schedulers in PyTorch

This article discusses which PyTorch learning rate schedulers you can use in deep learning instead of using a fixed LR for training neural networks in Python. 13 hours ago

Will ChatGPT Settle Chatbot War?

OpenAI GPT-3 ChatGPT debuted in the GAI chatbot market crowded with Dialogflow, Microsoft Bot Framework, Watson, Amazon Lex, DialoGPT, Hugging Face, etc. Who will win the battle?

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How to control colors with DAX Expressions in Power BI

We can add rules for coloring visuals for a long time now. But how can we use DAX expressions to control these colors and try to follow IBCS rules? 14 hours ago

Python Documentation Testing with doctest: The Easy Way

The article introduces doctest, a Python package for documentation, unit and integration testing. It shows how to use it, with discussion and examples. 14 hours ago

How to Test PySpark ETL Data Pipeline

Garbage in garbage out is a common expression used to emphasize the importance of data quality for tasks such as machine learning, data analytics and business intelligence. With increasing amount of… 14 hours ago

December Edition: 2022 Highlights

Last December, as we were looking ahead towards 2022, we wished our entire community a year full of learning, discovery, and calmer times. The world didn’t quite deliver on that last item, but we can… 15 hours ago

How to access Scientific Knowledge with Galactica

A tutorial for using Meta AI's large language model to perform scientific tasks

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DeepMind’s DeepNash Plays Stratego

After the news of Meta’s CICERO AI excelling at the strategy game Diplomacy last week, DeepMind announced that their AI called, DeepNash has excelled at the game of Stratego. This is particularly…

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PDF Parsing Dashboard with Plotly Dash

I recently have taken an interest in using PDF files for my Natural Language Processing (NLP) projects and you may be wondering, why? PDF documents contain tons of information that can be extracted… 20 hours ago