Four Approaches to build on top of Generative AI Foundational Models

If some of the terminology I use here is unfamiliar, I encourage you to read my earlier article on LLMs first. There are teams that are employing ChatGPT or its competitors (Anthropic, Google’s Flan…

Multimodal 3D Brain Tumor Segmentation with Azure ML and MONAI

We like to thank Brad Genereaux, Prerna Dogra, Kristopher Kersten, Ahmed Harouni, and Wenqi Li from NVIDIA and the MONAI team for their active support in the development of this asset. Since December…

Finding Spelling Bee Pangrams with GPT-4 and SpaCy

Solving the New York Times Spelling Bee can be a rewarding experience that balances a challenge with the pleasure of word exploration. While it’s not always a walk in the park, the satisfaction…

This AI newsletter is all you need #39

The last week in AI was dominated by the sudden release of GPT-4 by OpenAI. We note 4 key areas of improvement of GPT-4 over GPT-3.5;

The Hierarchy of ML tooling on the Public Cloud

Not all ML services are built the same. As a consultant working in the public cloud, I can tell you that you are spoilt for options for AI / ML tooling on the 3 big public clouds, Azure, AWS, and GCP.

Image Classification with PyTorch and SHAP: Can you Trust an Automated Car?

Build an image classification model with PyTorch. We compare it to a benchmark using intensity thresholds, evaluate it and interpret it using SHAP.

Automated Python Application Testing Using GitHub Actions

Testing your application is a crucial step in any software development or data science workflow. Testing allows you to ensure that the code functions as expected, reduces the likelihood of bugs or…

2 Simple Steps To Reduce the Memory Usage of Your Pandas Dataframe

Reduce the required memory of a pandas dataframe of a large dataset to fit into your RAM

Hands-on Generative AI with GANs using Python: Autoencoders

In recent years, generative models have gained popularity due to Artificial Intelligent’s ability to produce synthetic instances that are almost indistinguishable from real data. Neural Networks like…

What is Parametric and Non-Parametric in Statistic? Learn with Python Example

While learning Data Science, I am sure you will encounter many unfamiliar terms. Most of the statistical word that exists in the book or online courses would mention the word with little proper…