I Tried Semantic Segmentation, and Here is What I Learned

Semantic segmentation is a pixel-wise classification task with many valuable applications, such as object detection and image retrieval. Despite its usefulness, semantic segmentation can be difficult…

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Computing and Visualizing Brain Topological Data Analysis

Gudhi Padwa is a festival that marks the traditional new year (though during Spring) for some Hindus ethnic groups. It is also an open-source library for Computational Topology and Topological Data…

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An Assessment of Artificial Intelligence in the Cybersecurity Sector

There have been recent efforts to use artificial intelligence (AI) technology in a variety of cyber security applications. the use of AI in identifying aberrant traffic, network condition awareness…

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How To Improve Your Analytical Report With Conditional Formatting In Pandas

Conditional formatting can help you identify quick visual insights into a data frame. Learn excel like conditional formatting in Pandas using Styler API.

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Some Key Ideas About Representation Learning

A foundational piece of every machine learning solution.. “Some Key Ideas About Representation Learning” is published by Jesus Rodriguez in Towards AI.

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Data Science Essentials — MLOps

In any organization, whether a startup or a large corporation, you will encounter challenges in evaluating, versioning, and managing machine learning models. And this exposure will not be limited to…

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4 Common Pitfalls When Building Machine Learning Model

When building a Machine Learning Model for your company, for your portfolio o for fun, there are some steps to take in. And there are some other things you should avoid to increase your model…

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6 Reasons Why Data Scientists Will Persevere (and Maybe Even Thrive) in the Recession

6 Reasons Why Data Scientists Will Persevere (and Maybe Even Thrive) in the Recession. In a time where LinkedIn posts, online conversations, and news articles are all implying the end is near, data scientists, engineers, and….

Solving Nonograms with 120 Lines of Code

In this post, a way to solve Nonograms without any errors is shown by calculating the options for every line. It’s not the most efficient way to come to a solution, in the end you can find more…

Bayesian Odds

In our Bayesian journey so far we have derived Bayes’ theorem and gone over how you can use it to update your beliefs when new data comes to light. You can check out those articles here (highly…