This AI newsletter is all you need #32

Following recent advancements in image, code, and text generation, there have been new developments in AI-generated music and text-to-speech. In 2019, everyone was already impressed with OpenAI’s…

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20 Awesome Julia Tips And Tricks For The Advantageous Programmer

After using Julia for about 6 years now (wow, it really has been that long,) I have truly fallen in love with this programming language over all other programming languages. In some ways, this comes…

Identifying Nigerian Traditional Textiles using Artificial Intelligence on Android Devices ( Part 1

Nigeria is a country blessed by God with 3 major ethnic groups( Yoruba, Hausa, and Ibo) and these different ethnic groups have their different cultural differences in terms of dressing, marriage…

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Emojis Aid Social Media Sentiment Analysis: Stop Cleaning Them Out!

As social media has become an essential part of people’s lives, the content that people share on the Internet is highly valuable to many parties. Many modern natural language processing (NLP)… 11 hours ago

Which Programming Languages Do Hackers Use?

In 2021, together with fellow scientists, we conducted a survey at the German Chaos Computer Club (CCC). Our goal was to find out which programming languages are most commonly used by hackers. This… 11 hours ago

Fundamentals of Statistics All Data Scientists & Analysts Should Know — With Code — Part 1

Fundamentals of Statistics All Data Scientists & Analysts Should Know — With Code — Part 1. This article is a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of statistics for Data Scientists and Data Analysts.. 12 hours ago

Advanced Guide: Avoiding Max Character Limits on the Microsoft Translator API by Auto-Batching Inputs

The Microsoft Translator API [1] is one of the easiest translator services to set up, and it’s quite powerful, giving you access to translators for a multitude of low and high resource languages for… 13 hours ago

How to Measure and Improve the Diversity of Forecasting Ensembles

How to Measure and Improve the Diversity of Forecasting Ensembles. Using the Bias-Variance-Covariance decomposition to analyze forecasting ensembles. 14 hours ago

Deep Transfer Learning in Computer Vision: A Practical Guide

In this article, I will share my practical experience and insights gained from working on a computer vision project utilizing deep transfer learning. Through a step-by-step approach and useful tips…

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How to Create a Synthetic Social Network Using Python

Finding an appropriate graph dataset to evaluate algorithms can be a daunting task sometimes. There are several options available, and it often takes quite a while to go through them. 15 hours ago