Roku TV Wireless Speakers review: A terrific sonic value for anyone rocking a Roku TV

Theser stereo speakers will tightly integrate with TVs based on Roku OS, and those are the only TVs they're compatible with. 4 days ago

The wait for Tropico on iOS is almost over

Popular construction simulator 4 days ago

4 ways to boost your tech skills for less than $25 [Deals]

It’s never a bad idea to make yourself more appealing to potential employers. But there are so many skills to learn, from coding, to graphic design, to Excel, and on and on, it can be hard to know where to start, and education is often expensive. So we’ve rounded up courses that cover all of the above and more, all for less than 20 bucks. 4 days ago

Apple and suppliers suffer a bruising day on stock market

Apple stock took another plunge yesterday, finishing down 4.4 percent. The reason for the fall are continuing concerns about the iPhone, which has caused numerous analysts to downgrade their price target on the company. 4 days ago

Could Apple Music coming to Echo have big implications for Apple’s video service?

There was 4 days ago

Premiere Issue of Macworld Magazine Autographed by Steve Jobs Headed to Auction

A copy of the February 1984 premiere issue of Macworld magazine signed by Apple's late co-founder Steve Jobs will be up for auction on the RR Auction website between December 6 and December 13. Jobs signed the magazine at the grand... 4 days ago

How to install Windows 10 on the 2018 Mac mini using Boot Camp Assistant [Video]

If you’re interested in gaming on your 4 days ago

Apple receives FCC approval for ‘sleep monitor’ that looks like acquired Beddit product

Apple has received FCC approval for a new ‘sleep monitor’ product today, but it’s likely not an Apple Watch-based solution. Instead, the product description suggests the Apple sleep monitor is either an existing version of the Beddit sleep monitor product 4 days ago

Apple’s official clear case for iPhone XR is now available for $39

After leaving 4 days ago

Amazon's one-day Logitech sale features 50% off keyboards, mice, and headphones

Amazon is running a sale on some of Logitech's best accessories, including half off the MK545 Advanced Wireless Keyboard and G933 Artemis Spectrum headphones. 4 days ago