Master all of Adobe CC going into 2020 with this $34 training bundle [Deals]

Part of any digital media practice or profession is keeping up with the always-changing range of tools and techniques. Things move fast, so if you use Adobe’s industry standard Creative Cloud, this loaded bundle of lessons is an invaluable resource. 3 days ago

Man’s brand new Apple Watch turns out to be toilet plunger

You’ve hung on until Black Friday, ordered your long awaited Apple Watch online, and get it sent to your office, proudly opening it up in front of your colleagues. What could go wrong? Well, it could turn out to be a toilet plunger instead, for one thing. 3 days ago

MacBook Pro Diary: A third failure, and a potentially radical solution

To add to the 3 days ago

BMW could ditch its pricey annual subscription cost for CarPlay

BMW may ditch its controversial policy of charging customers an annual fee to use Apple’s CarPlay platform in its vehicles, an automotive publication claims. 3 days ago

Apple Music loses its exclusive on Ministry of Sound playlists

Apple Music’s exclusive playlist deal with popular music label and nightclub owner Ministry of Sound has expired. A new report notes that the full set of Ministry of Sound playlists are now available on rival streaming music services like Spotify. 3 days ago

Apple Supplier Shrinks Down Capacitors Needed for 5G iPhone, Freeing Up Valuable Internal Space

Apple is planning to implement 5G technology in all of the iPhones coming in 2020, and Apple's suppliers are gearing up for the transition. One supplier, Murata Manufacturing, recently developed an "ultrasmall" version of a key... 3 days ago

Last chance: Save 25% on stunning Strapa bands for Apple Watch

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Hacker revives dead devices with iPhone and Apple Watch

The living 3 days ago

Stacktrace Podcast 065: “An animation says more than 1000 words”

John open sources another project, Rambo creates more fluid animations and considers crowd-sourcing AirBuddy’s localization, and Apple is apparently using feature flags to improve their overall software quality. Also, loading states, a new trip to the Arcade, and much more. 3 days ago

Hacker revives dead devices with iPhone and Apple Watch

The living 3 days ago