9to5Mac Daily: August 10, 2018

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The 10 biggest tech breakthroughs of the 1980s

From the Walkman to the Game Boy, we take a look at the iconic and innovative tech of the 1980s.

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Consumers are far more excited about new iPhones than Samsung’s latest flagship, survey shows

Earlier this week,

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Spotify testing new ‘Active Media’ feature that lets users skip as many ads as they want

Spotify’s free ad-supported tier has

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Tim Cook & President Trump met for dinner yesterday, tariffs a likely topic of conversation

Apple CEO Tim Cook and President Donald Trump met for dinner last night, according to a tweet from the president. While details of the meeting are unclear at this point, it’s likely that tariffs were a central point of conversation…

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Equivolating: Making Apple out to be bad on privacy

You have to try really hard.

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Facebook is making two-factor a requirement for some Page managers

Facebook, as part of its growing efforts of transparency, is rolling out a new verification process to confirm that those who run Pages are who they say they are. Facebook announced the new process on its

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Making The Grade: USB-C is the standard that IT departments need

Much has been said about the transition from USB-A to USB-C. It certainly hasn’t been without its challenges in the short term. It’s been confusing for users (and expensive), but as someone who manages a fleet of Macs, I am excited. Yes, even if in the short term it has been expensive and confusing. In the long term, I am

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Bliss out with noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones and save 69% [Deals]

When you put your music on, most of us want the outside world to stay out. You also want great sound quality, long life and wireless convenience. And guess what: We’ve found all that in one set of over-ear Bluetooth headphones.

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Comment: First impressions after nearly a month with Apple’s 2018 13-inch MacBook Pro

Apple’s 2018 MacBook Pro has been

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