iOS 12.2 and Safari 12.1 for macOS Include Updated Intelligent Tracking Prevention Feature

Safari in the iOS 12.2 beta and Safari 12.1 for macOS High Sierra and Mojave includes an updated version of Intelligent Tracking Prevention, according to details shared on Apple's WebKit blog. ITP 2.1, as Apple is calling it, caps... 1 day ago

9to5Mac Happy Hour 213: 16-inch MacBook Pro rumors, Apple high-end display, Marzipan rollout

This week Benjamin and Zac unpack the new 16-inch MacBook Pro rumors, Apple Display spec leaks, the future of Project Marzipan, the latest changes in iOS 12.2, and much more. 1 day ago

How to make a fantastic music video with your iPhone

After messing around with the amazing 1 day ago

Verizon promises to bring 5G to 30 cities by end of 2019

The 5G future is finally going to start rolling out to Verizon customers later this year, but only if you live in one of the 30 cities tapped to get the super-fast mobile data speeds. 1 day ago

Next Mac Pro may use stackable design for ultimate customization

Information supposedly leaking out of the design team for the next Mac Pro claims this desktop computer will totally and completely fulfil Apple’s promise to make it modular . Rather than a single unit it will allegedly consist of stackable components that can be easily swapped in and out as needed. 1 day ago

12 Safari for iPhone tips that everyone should know [Video]

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Apple updates compatible eGPU list for macOS with details on RX 560 support

Apple today has made small change to its 23 hours ago

Fun iOS Safari Bug Lets You Trick Your Friends With Fake Website Headlines

You may or may not know this, but there's a feature in Safari that's designed to let you select a portion of text and send it to a friend over Messages using the Share feature in Safari. When researching one of our tips videos, we came... 23 hours ago

Stanford University announces Tim Cook as its 2019 commencement speaker

Stanford University today 21 hours ago

Apple Watch credited with alerting Seattle man his A-fib had returned, potentially preventing stroke

We’ve heard several stories thus far 20 hours ago