Independence, Covariance and Correlation between two Random Variables

In this article, I’ll talk about independence, covariance, and correlation between two random variables. 13 hours ago

The Most Starred & Forked GitHub Repos for Python and Data Science

The Stars ★ and Forks Ψ of a GitHub repository are a great indicator of the project’s popularity and quality. Besides serving as a bookmark function, starring a repo is equivalent to clicking the… 13 hours ago

A Guide to Analyzing Experimental Data

Have you ever run an experimental study, or performed some A/B testing? If so, you should be familiar with the pre-analysis panic: how can you make the data reveal whether your experiment has worked… 13 hours ago

Time Series From Scratch — Train/Test Splits and Evaluation Metrics

Today you’ll learn the last theoretical bit needed for time series forecasting — train/test splits and evaluation metrics. These work differently than in regular machine learning. Keep reading to see… 13 hours ago

Introducing 2 Tools to Speed up Your Power BI 10x

One of the most common questions I received when consulting Power BI is about performance, such as “Why it takes so long to run a dashboard?” or “How can I make it faster?” There are many factors… 13 hours ago

The Unknown Features of Python’s Operator Module

Make your code faster, concise, more readable and more functional with help of Python's little known operator module 14 hours ago

20 Burning XGBoost FAQs Answered to Use the Library Like a Pro

It is a tree-based power horse that is behind the winning solutions of many tabular competitions and datathons. Currently, it is the “hottest” ML framework of the “sexiest” job in the world. While… 15 hours ago

Gradient Boosting for probability distributions

Gradient Boosting is arguably one of the most popular Machine Learning algorithms nowadays. Combining multiple weak learners in order to generate a strong one seems almost too good to be true… 15 hours ago

How to Detect Memory Leakage in Your Python Application

It’s interesting to see how we improved measuring algorithm performance in python. About a decade ago, when I started coding in python, I stored time into variables at different points in my code. It… 15 hours ago

Alternative Covid-19 hypotheses (part 1)

This follow-up article to the the previous ancestor virus hypothesis article has the purpose of analyzing the most common counterarguments that might seem to contradict or refute that hypothesis. If…