Streaming vocabulary for natural language modeling: dynamic words replacement

Lately, I’ve been researching ways to employ a Recurrent Neural Network model in my web-content recommendation system. While this seems to be a natural application for an RNN: people visit one web…

Do Not Let the High Number of Data Scientists Make You Feel Late for the Party

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Python enumeration can bind symbolic names with certain integers or strings to avoid runtime errors and exceptions from typo mistakes.

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Deployment should be a priority in any commercial data science project

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Hyperparameter Tuning in Lasso and Ridge Regressions

A guide in Python and scikit-learn that describes how to optimise the parameters in Lasso and Ridge regressions, and how to avoid common mistakes.

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How Data Answers the ‘Am I Too Old to Learn Coding’ Timeless Question

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How to set up a production-grade flask application using Application Factory Pattern and Celery

This is not a beginner tutorial. It is assumed that the reader is experienced with the flask web application framework, its commonly used libraries and celery. Flask is a very flexible web…