Quick and easy model evaluation with Yellowbrick

Now and then I come across a Python package that has the potential to simplify a task that I do regularly. When this happens, I’m always excited to try it out and, if it’s awesome, share my new…

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Deploy Keras Models on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and make predictions over the web

Once you have successfully built and trained your Deep Learning model, what is the next step that you would take? Make predictions on it, of course. If you have done a good job of training your…

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How to Create and Add a Conda Environment as Jupyter Kernel?

As a data scientist, I daily work with Jupyter Notebook/ Jupyter Lab. One thing that I used to google a lot every time I start a new project is how to create a new Conda environment and add it as…

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Control Exoskeleton with your Brain

In the X-Men comics, Professor Charles Xavier is one of the most powerful mutant. He possesses the mental power to read minds and move things. Our brain is a powerful organ, it is the command centre…

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A Primer for Generative Voice Models

Cutting Edge Machine Learning models and techniques have allowed for the creation of nearly any type of content from images to video to sound. These generative techniques allow for never before seen…

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Extreme Values: Death By Epidemic Is Largely Dominated By Black Swan Events

Epidemics show us the meaning of black swan events. In the 20th/21st century, only the few most severe epidemics caused the vast majority of deaths.

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Using Jupyter Notebook to manage your BigQuery analytics

If you have the struggle of opening and continuously switching between ten thousand BigQuery tabs, you are not alone. As a data professional, working with SQL queries is a daily task, and if you are…

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A correlation measure based on Theil-Sen regression

Association and correlation measures are important tools in descriptive statistics and exploratory data analysis. They provide statistical evidence for a functional relationship between variables…

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Breaking the Game: Pendragon Four Rise of Merlin

In my first Pendragon Four blog I introduced my multi-agent reinforcement learning (RL) setup for the mobile phone game Fate Grand Order (FGO) I listed a few goals: FGO does not have a player vs…

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Honeypots & Africa: Analysing cyber threats with Kibana & SpectX

Discussions around cybersecurity often centre on the big four in the world of malicious attackers. The United States of America, Russia, China & North Korea, discussions can range from massive data…

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