3 Soft Skills Every Data Scientist Should Know

3 Soft skills every Data Scientist should know: stakeholder relationship, problem statement, and results communication, machine learning too

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Making Pandas Work Fast

We all must have encountered Pandas in our Data Science journey. It is one of the most used python libraries which helps in performing various operations like parsing data, creating data…

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Error-in-Variables Models: Deming Regression

We usually do not enforce a strict equality à la f(X) = y because there are errors in the target values y. These errors arise from the fact that we usually cannot observe everything in the universe…

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How to Build a Unicorn AI Team without Chasing Unicorns

How do you start assembling an AI team? Well, hire unicorns who can understand the business problem, can translate it into the “right” AI building blocks, and can deliver on the implementation and…

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Life and Nature’s Influence on AI

Scientists, engineers, and AI experts have drawn inspiration from their environment to create various Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. Deep learning has ushered in an AI…

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Polynomial Interpolation

Learn everything about Polynomial Interpolation: from Lagrange & Newton Polynomial Interpolation to Cubic Splines. Python examples. Joos Korstanje | Medium

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Interactive Choropleth Map for Geospatial Data Visualization

Geospatial data can be interesting. One interactive geospatial visualization provides a lot of information about the data and the area and more. Python has so many libraries. It is hard to know which…

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How to Run R scripts in Jupyter

The Jupyter Notebook is a Web application which permits to create live code in different languages. Usually, developers exploit the Jupyter Notebook to write code in Python. However, Jupyter also…

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Adding Baking Soda to Espresso

After my experiment with spent coffee grounds, I made an observation that water flowed very quickly through spent grounds so only unextracted solids and CO2 affects flow rate. To better understand…

Reinforcement Learning is not just for playing games

We all have seen lots of articles where Reinforcement Learning (LR) agents have been used to cross frozen lakes, climb mountains, choosing the best routes for a cab in a city, etc. Games present a…