Cheap box brings HomeKit-powered sprinklers to the masses

Adding a smartphone-controlled sprinkler system to your house just became insanely affordable feature thanks to a little black box made by the folks at Elgato. 2 weeks ago

Using Apple Pay Cash precisely can make you appear petty, shows university study

and similar peer-to-peer payment apps offer a convenient way to settle-up with friends and family for things like shared meals, but a university study suggests you may want to be a little careful in how you use them … 1 week ago

Foxconn is establishing a corporate HQ in the U.S.

Long time Apple manufacturer Foxconn has revealed that its U.S. corporate headquarters will be located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 22 hours ago

Graphic Designer Envisions Apple Music With Simpler UI, Music History Stats, Group Playlists, and More

Graphic designer Álvaro Pabesio shared his vision for an updated, enhanced Apple Music on Behance earlier today, and it's an impressively detailed look at UI tweaks and changes that Apple could make to fix a few user gripes with its streaming... 3 weeks ago

Gene Munster Shares WWDC Predictions: Beats Product With Siri Integration, Improvements to AI and AR

Ahead of next week's Worldwide Developers Conference, Loup Ventures analyst Gene Munster today shared his predictions for the features and services that Apple will unveil during the event. Munster expects Apple to debut new Siri, AR, AI,... 2 weeks ago

Apple teases grand opening of second store in Macau with aquatic-themed signage

Apple is nearly finished constructing a second retail location in the Chinese region of Macau. New signage installed over the building’s facade teases the store’s imminent opening for the first time. 1 week ago

iOS 12 will include a new life-saving feature for iPhone customers in the US

Apple is announcing a new life-saving feature in iOS 12 that hasn’t been publicly disclosed before today. Starting this fall when iOS 12 is released, first responders will be able to access location data “securely and automatically” when iPhone customers call 911. 22 hours ago

Apple ropes in new showrunners for Amazing Stories reboot

Apple has finally found a replacement to guide the development of its new TV show 3 weeks ago

Analyst predicts $250 Beats-branded Siri speaker coming at WWDC

We’re officially less than a week away from the start of WWDC, which means it’s time to start getting in your last-minute predictions. This evening, Apple analyst Gene Munster has 2 weeks ago

Co-inventor of 3D Touch and Taptic Engine working on AR features for mapping startup

A former Apple engineer listed as a co-inventor of both 1 week ago