Accurately Labeling Subjective Question-Answer Content Using BERT

Kaggle released Q&A understanding competition at the beginning of 2020. This competition asks each team to build NLP models to predict the subjective ratings of question and… 7 minutes ago

PP-YOLO Surpasses YOLOv4 — Object Detection Advances

PP-YOLO evaluation metrics show improved performance over YOLOv4, the incumbent state of the art object detection model. Yet, the Baidu authors write: YOLO was originally authored by Joseph Redmon to… 28 minutes ago

Build Your First Shiny Web App in R

Do you want to make your R code publicly available for others to use? If you answered yes, then this article is for you as I will be showing you how to build your very first web application in R… 28 minutes ago

Solving Combinatorial Problems with PySpark

Let us consider the problem statement. Given n real numbers x1, x2, xn, choose any set of distinct numbers such that function f on those chosen numbers gives maximum value. function f can take any… 41 minutes ago

Add Animated Charts To Your Dashboards With Streamlit-Python

I have been thinking of trying out Streamlit for a while. So last weekend, I spent some time tinkering with it. If you have never heard of this tool before, it provides a very friendly way to create… 41 minutes ago

3 Open Source Security Risks and How to Address Them

Open source software is very popular and makes up a significant portion of business applications. According to Synopsys, 99% of commercial databases contain at least one open source component, and… 54 minutes ago

What Is Good code?

Do you want to know the #5 simple tips that you must follow to upskill as a great coder, and land that dream job in a tech giant? - If so, stop reading. 54 minutes ago

Why Your Company Should Care About Named Entity Recognition

Named entity recognition is the task of categorizing text into entities, such as people, locations, and dates. For example, for the sentence, On April 30, 1789, George Washington was inaugurated as…

ARIMA vs. Prophet: Forecasting Air Passenger Numbers

In this example, an ARIMA (Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average) model is built using R to forecast air passenger numbers using the San Francisco International Airport Report on Monthly Passenger…

Tired of Data Quality Discussions?

I have been in tons of meetings where data and results of any sort of analysis have been presented. And most meetings have one thing in common, data quality is being challenged and most of the…