Bose Soundlink Revolve+ review: An all-around excellent indoor/outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Audiophiles might blanch at the presence of a single full-range transducer, but we have no complaints about its performance. 18 hours ago

Google Backup and Sync review: Works best for those already tied into Google's ecosystem

You probably shouldn’t use t Google Backup and Sync as your primary backup, but it might fit some people’s purposes. 17 hours ago

Mac malware discovered in the wild allows webcam photos, screenshots, key-logging

A security researcher has discovered a piece of Mac 17 hours ago

Apple attracting more Android switchers; 4 out of 5 U.S. iPhone sales are iPhone 7/Plus – CIRP

The latest CIRP data for the April to June quarter showed that Apple was attracting more Android switchers than at any time in the past 12 months. 16 hours ago

Apple TV’s universal search now supports Discovery and more

Apple has again expanded the reach of Apple TV’s universal search feature, adding a handful of new content providers, including Discovery Communications and Filmstruck. 16 hours ago

How to better control the size of video exports on your Mac

Modern versions of QuickTime and iMovie don't provide much control over how big you want your video file size to be. You need to use a free third-party app. 16 hours ago

VTech VM981 Safe & Sound Expandable HD Video Baby Monitor review: Not quite ready for the nursery

Missing features and image-quality shortcomings keep this baby monitor from being all it can be. 16 hours ago

Adobe accidentally leaks Nimbus Mac & Windows apps, offering ‘Lightroom in the cloud’

last year teased a new Mac and Windows photo editor, with the project known as 16 hours ago

SOS Alerts on Google Search and Maps apps on iOS aim to keep you safe during a crisis

As past events throughout time have proven, the world can sometimes be a dark and dangerous place. Having access to the right information during a crisis can prove to be lifesaving depending on the situation at hand, and the release of 14 hours ago

Quanta revenue projections support expectations of a Q3 launch for Apple Watch Series 3

Predictions for a ‘strong second-half’ for Quanta computer support expectations of an 14 hours ago