Black-box and White-Box Models towards Explainable AI

Explainable AI (XAI) deals with developing AI models that are inherently easier to understand for humans, including the users, developers, policymakers, and law enforcement. Neuro-Symbolic Computing… 2 minutes ago

Pointing AI in the right direction

Editor’s note: This episode is part of our podcast series on emerging problems in data science and machine learning, hosted by Jeremie Harris. Apart from hosting the podcast, Jeremie helps run a data… 28 minutes ago

The Million-Dollar Question: When to Stop Training Deep Learning Models

On early stopping, or how to avoid overfitting or underfitting by knowing how long to train your neural network for. 41 minutes ago

Sentiment Analysis: A Deep Dive Into the Theory, Methods, and Applications

Sentiment classification is one of the most beginner-friendly problems in data science. That does not make it easy to do, though. There are various models developed to perform sentiment analysis on… 41 minutes ago

A Comprehensible Explanation of the Dimensions in CNNs

Why write an explanation about convolutional neural networks (CNNs), if there are already numerous articles covering this topic? — Because in many explanations, crucial pieces of information about…

Bayesian A/B Testing in 5 Minutes

Recently, Bayesian A/B testing has gotten lots of publicity because its methods are easy to understand and allow useful calculations, such as the probability that a treatment is better than the… 10 hours ago

TODS: Detecting Outliers from Time Series Data

Time Series Outlier detection aims to identify unexpected or rare instances in data. As one of the most important tasks of data analysis, outlier detection has various applications on time series… 12 hours ago

Why Women Need to Be Involved in Data Science to Prevent Bias in Algorithms

Machine learning algorithms learn from data and are created by humans, both data and humans might be bias, then the algorithms most likely will too. 12 hours ago

NOAA weather data in Snowflake (free)

To access the daily NOAA GSOD weather data, just go to the Marketplace and create a database with Knoema’s Environment Data Atlas in your account. This was easy with Snowflake. The following query… 17 hours ago

Search Data, Trends & Analytics: Catching the Pulse of a Market and its Consumers (no cookies required)

The benefits of search data go beyond SEO-focused keyword research. It is a valuable resource for both market and product research, too. In fact, it can even be integrated into all research types and… 18 hours ago